Comelit-PAC collaborates on fire safety enhancements at Deva City

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Deva City Office Park boosts fire safety measures with modern technology

Comelit-PAC and GB Integrated Systems partner for safer solutions

The Hop House in Deva City Office Park has undergone significant upgrades with the help of Comelit-PAC and their partners GB Integrated Systems.

This initiative is aimed at strengthening fire safety for all those frequenting this unique work space.

Historical site meets modern safety

Once part of the famed Threlfalls Brewery, an emblematic part of Manchester’s cityscape, Deva City Office Park offers a diverse range of business spaces.

This includes a Grade II listed Brewery building and 17 top-tier self-contained office units.

Recognising the imperative nature of constant security and fire safety, GB Integrated Systems collaborated closely with the site management team.

The goal was to revamp the addressable panels using Comelit-PAC’s state-of-the-art LogiFire solution.

Iain Taylor, Director of Asset Management at Northwood Investors International Limited, voiced the challenges faced: “Our complex requirements for Deva City in terms of security and fire safety were evident.

“Every business on the premises required individual risk assessments.

“These needs had to be juxtaposed with the Grade II classified buildings, ensuring upgrades complemented the historical classification while integrating modern technology.”

Taylor continued: “GB Integrated Systems prioritised understanding our unique demands.

“From the perspective of fire safety, Comelit-PAC’s expertise was invaluable in reducing installation duration and decreasing business interruption for our tenants.”

Ensuring aesthetics while prioritising safety

GB Integrated Systems specifically chose the LogiFire Easy fire safety solution from Comelit-PAC for the office park.

The requirements included a stand-alone 1-loop analogue addressable panel.

Mike Gray, Technical Director at GB Integrated Systems, commented on the selection: “The simplicity of Comelit-PAC’s Logifire solution and its adaptability with the existing cabling made it our choice.

“Its design allows it to coexist with the site’s unique architecture.

“It’s a fire safety solution that offers a blend of form and function, ensuring occupants’ safety.”

The Logifire addressable system stands out for its easy installation process and compliance with both BS and EN standards.

Its array of detectors comes in award-winning designs, ensuring the systems are in harmony with their environment.

Emphasising the evolving landscape of fire safety, Mandy Bowden, Comelit-PAC Fire Manager, said: “The surge in awareness about fire safety emphasises risk assessments, building enhancements, and regular maintenance.

“Our collaboration with GB Integrated Systems at Deva City Office Park showcases the importance of early evaluations in work programmes.

“We recognised that any upgrade must be aesthetically pleasing. The LogiFire solution was pinpointed as an efficient installation, fostering complete fire safety assurance.”

IFSJ Comment

Deva City Office Park’s decision to integrate Comelit-PAC’s cutting-edge technology, with the assistance of GB Integrated Systems, showcases the evolving dynamics of fire safety.

Historical landmarks like the Grade II listed Brewery building demand a careful blend of preservation and modernisation.

The success of this project underscores the value of early risk assessments and collaboration between experts to ensure optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.

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