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Rathbone Results and FIA launch a tailored development programme for fire safety sector

The ASFP is preparing to resume face-to-face classroom training on Passive Fire Protection in Dublin and Coventry on Wednesday 8 July.

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A ground-breaking development programme for fire safety professionals

Rathbone Results, in partnership with the Fire Industry Association (FIA), has announced the introduction of a Management Development Programme tailored specifically for business owners, leaders, and managers in the Fire Safety sector..

Programme details: Aiming for higher performance

The online course, named “Equipping your Fire and Security Managers for Higher Performance”, is composed of seven half-day modules presented via Zoom and an additional two half-days of self-guided study.

It will span from 26 October to 7 December, with a focus on essential skills including:

  1. Change Management and Change Resistance
  2. Time Management and Priorities
  3. Delegation and Performance Management
  4. Clear Communication and Effective Meetings
  5. Building High Performance Teams and Great Places to Work
  6. Developing a Whole-Business Perspective
  7. Understanding Business Finance

To maximise its impact, participation in this practical course will be restricted to only 12 attendees, ensuring optimal involvement and integration of lessons into everyday business practices.

Voices from the industry: The need for a specialised development programme

Fire Industry Association Chief Executive, Ian Moore, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Rathbone Results on this landmark initiative.

“Our main attention has traditionally centred on technical expertise.

“However, with the changing nature of our industry, it’s essential to provide our leaders with superior management capabilities.

“This bespoke Management Development Programme showcases our unwavering dedication to promoting excellence in the Fire Safety sector.

“Our goal is to cultivate a comprehensive environment of professionals proficient in both technical skills and leadership, thus raising the bar for the entire industry.”

Jim Rathbone, Executive Chairman, highlighted: “Having established ourselves as a premier business consultancy in the Fire and Security domain, we collaborated with the FIA to develop this programme, ensuring its relevance to the sector.

“Drawing from our vast experience, we have pinpointed the pivotal moments and hurdles businesses face during transformation and expansion.

“The course is structured to practically guide managers and leaders to realise and demand top performance from their teams.”

Concluding the programme, attendees will be awarded a Certificate of Participation and Completion, co-recognised by both Rathbone Results and the FIA, along with 28 CPD hours granted by the FIA.

The fee structure for the programme is as follows: FIA Members at £1350 Non-members at £2160

IFSJ Comment

The fire and safety industry is ever-evolving, and its leaders require a dynamic and comprehensive skill set to navigate its intricacies.

Rathbone Results and the FIA recognising this gap and taking proactive steps to address it is a noteworthy move.

This tailored programme not only provides the necessary management skills but also highlights the industry’s commitment to holistic professional development.

In the long run, such initiatives will undoubtedly ensure a more robust and efficient fire safety sector.

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