Comelit-PAC launches wireless fire alarm solutions for modern buildings

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Details of the new Comelit-PAC wireless range

Comelit-PAC, known for its LogiFire system, has expanded its fire alarm solutions with a new series of wireless devices.

This range is tailored for locations where wired installations are impractical.

Designed for easy installation, the system includes transceivers that can extend the coverage of the fire detection network.

The devices, available in both addressable and conventional options, support cloud-based and remote monitoring.

This advancement eliminates the need for extensive wiring, which can reduce installation times and costs significantly.

These systems are ideal for a variety of building types, accommodating both new constructions and retrofits.

Industry response and features

According to Mandy Bowden, Fire Manager at Comelit-PAC, the market for wireless fire detection systems is experiencing robust growth.

She explained: “The demand for wireless fire detection systems is growing significantly.

“Their increasing popularity can be attributed to the ease of installation, reliability, and flexibility in configuration, ideal for a seamless new build or retrofit system for both residential and commercial applications.”

The new range also incorporates a design that aligns with the aesthetics of the LogiFire series, ensuring a cohesive look throughout the building.

Bowden said: “We believe we are one of the few to offer as standard an addressable wireless solution that can benefit from remote monitoring via cloud integration, especially useful to reduce reliance on waking watch facilities and associated costs.”

Technical specifications and certifications

The addressable transceivers of the new range are notable for their ability to integrate directly into the existing loops of a fire alarm system, complete with built-in isolators to enhance safety.

They can support up to 32 devices per loop, with a maximum of five loops per panel, providing extensive coverage.

The system’s wireless capability extends to 1500 meters with a battery life expectancy of ten years for detectors and manual call points, and eight years for sounder beacons.

All devices are certified according to EN54-25, EN54-17, and EN54-18 standards, ensuring compliance with European safety regulations.

Bowden added: “As wireless fire detection systems become more common, we have a duty of care and responsibility as an industry to provide systems that can accommodate the evolving needs and priorities of all building types, based on a thorough site survey.”

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of Comelit-PAC‘s new wireless fire alarm system represents a forward-thinking approach to fire safety technology.

By embracing wireless solutions, the company addresses the needs of modern building projects that require flexible and efficient safety systems.

The integration of cloud and remote monitoring capabilities further enhances the functionality of these systems, providing valuable advancements in fire detection technology.

This development is part of a broader trend towards smarter, more adaptable fire safety solutions that can meet the diverse needs of today’s buildings and regulatory environments.

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