Bull Products unveils Cygnus Alert for advanced site safety monitoring

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Introduction of Cygnus Alert platform

Bull Products has introduced the Cygnus Alert, a new remote notification and monitoring platform designed to enhance safety at various sites.

The platform is integrated with the SITENET fire detection and alarm system, which is EN 54 certified and operates completely wirelessly.

This combination aims to provide comprehensive safety solutions for construction sites and other critical environments.

The Cygnus Alert system enables real-time communication of event, fault, or mesh information through its cloud-based solution, allowing site managers and construction professionals to respond promptly to any incidents.

Accessible via a 2G and 4G cellular module, the platform offers user-friendly management features through both a web-based cloud portal and a dedicated Android app.

Features and benefits of the Cygnus Alert system

The Cygnus Alert is designed for flexibility and ease of integration with the existing SITENET range.

It can be installed during the initial setup of the fire alarm control panel or added later to existing setups.

“The ability for integrators to assign engineers and also end users provides enhanced support not only to the integrator but also added benefit to on-site managers,” explained Carl Leeson, Head of Sales at Bull Products.

Real-time alerts and notifications about system statuses such as battery faults, mesh issues, and fault history are sent directly to site administrators, facilitating quicker decision-making and enhancing overall response times.

The system’s scalability allows it to manage multiple sites simultaneously, proving its adaptability across different industries and project sizes.

Industry applications and user feedback

Beyond its technical capabilities, Cygnus Alert is versatile enough for use in industrial facilities, transport hubs, airports, shipyards, and more.

The system’s design focuses on not only addressing immediate safety concerns but also providing a robust communication link between the site conditions and the management teams.

Leeson shared his enthusiasm about the new platform: “The Cygnus protocol is the backbone of the SITENET system, and we are delighted to be building on our solution with the new Cygnus Alert platform.

“It offers impressive efficiency and responsiveness and when combined with its seamless integration with SITENET, easy to use cloud portal and app, Cygnus Alert ticks every box.

“We are delivering solutions to our customers that allow them to stay a step ahead whilst ensuring optimum safety and peace of mind.”

IFSJ comment

The introduction of the Cygnus Alert by Bull Products marks a significant advancement in remote monitoring and safety management technologies.

With its innovative approach to integrating cloud-based notifications and real-time monitoring, it ensures that safety managers and site operators have immediate access to critical information, which is essential for maintaining high safety standards and responding efficiently to potential risks.

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