CTIF and Metro Fire Chiefs renew MoU

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Milan Dubravac reinforces ties with Metro Fire Chiefs at Columbus conference

Milan Dubravac, President of The International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) recently attended the Metro Fire Chiefs Conference in Columbus, Ohio, taking the opportunity to delve into the purpose of CTIF and foster a stronger bond between the two fire safety organisations.

During his visit, Dubravac signed a renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the recently appointed Metro President, Loy Setter. This updated MoU, which outlines the anticipated cooperation between the two entities for the next five years, extends their mutual commitment until 2028.

The collaboration between CTIF and the Metro Chiefs is a continuation of the MoU first established in 2014.

Staging ground for future collaborations

Dubravac took the chance to discuss CTIF’s vision at the conference, expressing an eager anticipation for more fruitful cooperation with Metro Fire Chiefs in the future.

The event also served as a networking platform as Dubravac and Setter were joined by other esteemed personnel in the fire safety industry including US Fire Administrator, Dr Lori Moore-Merell, and the CEO of NFPA, Jim Pauley.

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