UL Solutions adds appliance and lighting testing in Basingstoke

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UL Solutions’ Basingstoke branch opened its doors on 28 March 2023, to showcase its brand-new laboratory dedicated to appliance lighting and safety testing. Guests from across the manufacturing and distribution sector took a tour of the facility, exploring the Basingstoke site’s newly extended capabilities.

The modern facility, covering 175 square meters, employs cutting-edge technology and houses a team of adept UL Solutions engineers and technicians. “We’ve aimed to be as flexible as possible,” said Jordan Bucko, operations manager with the AHL team at the facility, highlighting the lab’s capacity for accommodating “high volume requirements”.

New capabilities for diverse end products

Offering a wide array of services, from environmental and materials testing to endurance and wireless electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, this new facility ensures safety and quality for lighting and appliances. With a focus on accommodating a variety of end products and components, UL Solutions can undertake multiple tasks concurrently.

The newly minted laboratory extends its services to include testing and certification for a multitude of lighting and appliance products. Whether it’s luminaires and LED modules, or control gears and lighting components, or even commercial and household appliances, the facility is open for testing and certification. Additionally, UL Solutions offers aid in safety testing, performance testing, marketing claim verification, and global market access.

Connected systems

As more and more homes adopt smart devices, UL Solutions is ready to facilitate seamless connected systems. From appliances and lighting to heating and security, each component needs to function independently and as part of a larger system.

UL Solutions’ Basingstoke facility houses a robust commercial EMC and wireless testing laboratory to support this. Their capabilities extend to a broad array of connected product development for appliances, HVAC, lighting and other categories.

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