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CTIF announces new Executive Committee and promotes opportunities for women in fire


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The International Association of Fire & Rescue Services (CTIF) has recently undertaken a significant change in its governance. In a meeting held on June 15, 2023, in Vienna, four new vice presidents were ushered into its Executive Committee.

New vice presidents elected to the Executive Committee

Previously, the Executive Committee comprised seven vice presidents. However, an official vote at the Delegates Assembly has now increased this count to eight. The four new vice presidents come in place of Ole Hansen from Norway and Zdenek Nytra from the Czech Republic, both of whom completed their maximum allowed two 4-year terms. In addition, László Bérczi from Hungary had to prematurely conclude his vice-presidential term.

CTIF expressed its gratitude to all vice presidents, Commissions, National Committees, and other members for their valuable contributions. They underlined the importance of collective efforts to improve CTIF in the coming years. The newly appointed vice presidents include Otto Drozd from the USA, Luc Faes from Belgium, Martin Nekula from the Czech Republic, and Nedeljko Yukalovic from Croatia.

CTIF Commission for Women encourages career opportunities

In parallel to these changes, CTIF’s Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue Services met at CERN in Switzerland for a two-day conference. During the meeting, a new board of directors and a new Chair were elected.

CTIF’s Women’s Commission strongly endorsed the prospect of careers at CERN, indicating current vacancies for firefighters at the renowned scientific research centre. CERN’s Fire Department, part of the HSE Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection unit, is a unique and diverse team of professional firefighters.

Newly appointed leaders of the Women’s Commission

The newly selected team of the CTIF Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue Services includes Nicola Lown from the UK as the chairperson. Serving alongside her are Mira Leinonen from Finland and Maria Bitra from Greece as vice chairs, and Ine Olsen from Norway taking up the role of secretary.

CERN’s Fire Department – a melting pot of international experience

CERN’s Fire Department operates round-the-clock, handling incidents and accidents throughout the CERN site. Their tasks may involve cooperation with emergency services in France and Switzerland, as well as other internal CERN services. The department comprises professional firefighters, drawn from emergency services across various CERN Member States, creating a diverse pool of professional and practical experience.

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