Cutlers’ Hall now safeguarded by Hyfire’s advanced wireless fire systems

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Wireless fire protection systems installed in London’s illustrious Cutlers’ Hall

London’s renowned Cutlers’ Hall, the ancient home of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers, has received a modern upgrade in the form of advanced wireless fire devices from Hyfire.

Dating back to 1888 and featuring a notable terracotta frieze and many Company treasures, the hall’s age-old fire systems needed replacement. Given the delicate state of the interior fabric, the use of wireless technology was an obvious choice for the task.

The innovative solution

Rory Foster of Blake Contractors, the Hyfire authorised partner in charge of the project, voiced his relief over the development. He said, “Installs in historic buildings are always a challenge, although…wireless technology has made them a lot less complex in recent years”. Notably, they were able to complete the swift installation of the 150-device system in a two weeks.

Hyfire is reputed for their extensive range of commercial standard wireless fire devices. They have offerings to suit all kinds of requirements, from optical, multi-criteria, and heat detectors to EN54-23 Approved VAD’s. All their products adhere to the highest industry standards and comply with BS5839 Part 1.

Ollie Murray, Head of Sales – UK at Hyfire, discussed the unique challenges posed by this installation. He acknowledged: “Even by Hyfire standards, this was a challenging installation…”, but praised the quick installation and minimal impact of their latest Taurus range. A standout feature of the installation was the inclusion of voice sounders in the public areas, replacing the traditional audible alarm.

The technologically-advanced Taurus range

Developed in Trieste, Italy, the Taurus range includes the ground-breaking Pathfinder Technology. This enables the devices to communicate over distances of more than a kilometre, offering both cost and energy efficiency.

A spokesperson for the Worshipful Company of Cutlers expressed satisfaction with the outcome. They highlighted the reliability of the new system and its minimal impact on their beloved building. Since its launch in 2007, Hyfire has consistently been associated with quality, reliability, and innovation in the commercial fire sector, and this project certainly attests to that reputation.

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