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IFE marks sixth anniversary of Grenfell Tower fire

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The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) has recently published an article concerning the ongoing effects and necessary action in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster. This comes as we await the much-anticipated second and final report from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

The IFE underscores that the fire safety industry must persistently lead and work in tandem with its partners to restore faith in high-rise communities and the broader built environment.

Lessons learned from Grenfell Tower

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry has revealed crucial insights and illuminated systemic failures that must be rectified to prevent such a tragic incident from happening again. The IFE insists that industries within the built environment must collaboratively learn from this calamity and take effective action to safeguard those who live in high-rise buildings. This calls for keeping industry professionals updated on the latest legislative changes.

Boosting competency levels

To protect the safety and welfare of high-rise communities, the introduction of the Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA) and Fire Safety (England) Regulations have become focal points of discussion. In a bid to aid those working within the built environment, the IFE released guidance to help industry professionals navigate the new legislation and comprehend its effects on current fire safety practices.

In a joint effort, the IFE and The British Standards Institution (BSI) have devised a free webinar series to clarify the Building Safety Act Gateways and explain the processes to adopt. As an additional competency measure, the IFE has recently enforced a rule that mandates new and existing individuals to be dual registered with the Engineering Council, guaranteeing a proficient and diverse group of fire safety professionals.

Prompting necessary change

The Fire Sector Federation (FSF) initiated a campaign in October 2022, advocating for a more extensive conversation around a national fire safety strategy to mitigate fire risks within the UK. The IFE played an instrumental role in the development of this document, identifying possible risks and raising competency standards. A comprehensive update on the progress of the document will be presented in October at the annual FIRE conference.

Restoring trust and confidence in high-rise communities necessitates cooperation among all stakeholders within the built environment. The fire sector remains committed to its mission of protecting life, property, and the environment, persistently enhancing operational capabilities, investing in training, and sharing knowledge and best practices.

As we draw nearer to the sixth anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy, the pain and trauma experienced by the victims and their loved ones are acknowledged. The fire sector is steadfast in its commitment to honour the memory of the lost lives and ensure that their legacy acts as a catalyst for enduring change, in partnership with the community to ensure a safer future for all.

Read the article from the Institution of Fire Engineers here.

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