Cygnus opens new Birmingham technology and training centre

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Cygnus, renowned for developing and manufacturing fully compliant, wireless fire detection and alarm systems, recently inaugurated their new Research and Development (R&D) and training facility in Meriden, Birmingham.

The newly established Cygnus Technology & Training Centre (TTC) is a hub for innovation and an extension of the Cygnus Academy.

This centre is dedicated to the in-person, custom training programme for installers to learn and become certified in SmartNet, the world’s first EN 54 certified, entirely wireless fire detection and alarm system.

Expansion and commitment to fire safety solutions

Sandy Damm, CEO at Cygnus, expressed enthusiasm about the new facility, saying: “The opening of the new Cygnus TTC in Birmingham marks a pivotal moment for Cygnus.

“We are excited to embark on this journey, as it propels us into the next phase of Cygnus’ growth.

“This strategic investment reflects our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of fire safety technology and expertise, ensuring that we continue to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients worldwide.

“As our business expands, so does the opportunity to cultivate local talent and we are looking forward to adding to our team.

“I thank Charles Markham, Director and Shareholder for his remarkable work in setting up this first-class premises, future pillar of Cygnus Group.”

Strategic location and accessibility

Charles Markham, Director and Shareholder at Cygnus, highlighted the strategic choice of Meriden for the new facility: “Meriden is the perfect location for our new facility.

“Its central location and proximity to Birmingham Airport, and key transportation routes give us great infrastructure connectivity so that we can serve our UK and international customers well from here.

“This region is also well-known for its technology centres and expertise and, with the combination of training and R&D, the TTC is in the best position to benefit from and develop that talent pool.”

Cygnus’ state-of-the-art facilities and training opportunities

The Cygnus TTC will feature cutting-edge facilities for testing, refining, and advancing fire and safety solutions, alongside innovation spaces that foster collaboration among Cygnus’ skilled research and development team and technical support team.

The new Cygnus Academy training centre will offer a modern, high-spec environment for installers to complete the SmartNet training and become Cygnus Certified Installers.

The SmartNet course provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training in SmartNet technology and installation skills.

Aligning with company mission and local recruitment

The opening of a second Cygnus Academy site aligns with the company’s mission to ensure that installers are fully certified to install SmartNet on their projects.

The accessible location of Meriden facilitates nationwide installer training, supporting the company’s rapid growth and local recruitment efforts.

Sandy Damm concluded: “We are excited to embark on the next stage of our journey to foster growth and invest further in research and development.

“The Meriden location was chosen strategically due to its proximity to technological and academic resources, making it an ideal base for Cygnus’ research and development initiatives.

“The additional space to expand our training facilities also opens up new opportunities for installers to be supported by expert, in-depth training and ongoing first-class technical support.”

IFSJ Comment

The inauguration of Cygnus‘ new Technology & Training Centre in Meriden, Birmingham, is a noteworthy development in the fire safety sector.

It highlights the company’s dedication to innovation, training, and local talent development.

The strategic location enhances connectivity and accessibility for both UK and international clients, reflecting the global reach of fire safety technology.

This facility underscores the importance of advanced training in fire safety systems and demonstrates the commitment to continuous research and development in this critical field.

The expansion of the Cygnus Academy is set to play a significant role in shaping the future of fire safety solutions, fostering a skilled workforce equipped to handle emerging challenges in the industry.

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