Cygnus unveils the SmartNet-100, a new wireless fire alarm system

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Cygnus has launched its latest offering in the fire detection and alarm system sector, the SmartNet-100.

This fully wireless fire alarm system promises to be a game-changer for small to medium-sized projects, offering both reliability and affordability.

The newest member of the SmartNet family

Building from the success of their SmartNet-Pro fire detection system, Cygnus aims to fill a gap in the market for projects requiring fewer devices.

Unlike the SmartNet-Pro, the SmartNet-100 is tailored for projects needing up to 100 devices connected to a single control panel.

Austen Wells, Sales Manager at Cygnus, shared: “Its speed of install and reliability set it apart from other wired solutions.

“Small to medium-sized projects often cannot afford the downtime, the disruption, or the expense of fitting a wired fire detection and alarm system. SmartNet-100 provides a fast and cost-effective solution.”

Wireless fire alarm advantages

SmartNet-100 is touted to be up to twenty times faster to install compared to other systems.

It efficiently detects potential threats like smoke or fire while minimising false alarms.

Notably, there’s no need for wired elements such as boosters or translators, simplifying the installation process.

Further, this new range allows seamless integration of up to 100 devices from one control panel.

The network utilises battery-powered radio devices with a self-healing mesh network, relying on the patented Cygnus protocol.

This system operates across 10 frequency channels from 865-868 MHz, and the control panel uses mains power.

Eliminating expensive and lengthy cabling processes, the wireless fire alarm system, SmartNet-100, significantly cuts down on both engineering time and project costs.

The straightforward configuration is boosted by the absence of gateway expanders or loop-powered translating devices, expediting installation.

A diverse range for varied needs

Cygnus ensures the SmartNet system is versatile, compatible with various building types.

The product range encompasses Radio Bases with or without Sounders, Visual Indicator Detectors, and a variety of detector heads.

Additionally, SmartNet-100 proudly carries the ‘Made in Britain’ mark and is both EN 54 certified and BS 5839 compliant.

IFSJ Comment

The SmartNet-100 is a clear indication of Cygnus’s commitment to address the diverse needs of the market.

By offering a wireless system, projects can now benefit from reduced installation time, cost savings, and reliability.

For small to medium projects, where budgets and timeframes are often tight, this product could revolutionise the way fire detection systems are implemented.

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