Cygnus Wireless Alarm System rebrands to SiteProtect

Bull Products rebrands Cynus Wirless to SiteProtect

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Bull Products, a provider of temporary fire protection solutions suitable for the building and construction industries and other applications, has recently announced the launch of SiteNet, a new range of fire detection and alarm devices designed for temporary installation. Additionally, the company has renamed its popular Cygnus Wireless Alarm System to SiteProtect.


Bull Products has renamed its original Cygnus Wireless Alarm System to SiteProtect. This temporary wireless alarm system will remain true to its original design, which sets a high standard in wireless emergency fire, first aid and intruder alarms.

Matthew Trigwell added, “This year we want to be clearer – your fire alarm protects your site, so from now on we are renaming our existing temporary fire alarm system Cygnus, to SiteProtect. SiteProtect will still link to Cygnus – it is just a name change to align with our business objectives and future plans. The name may be different, but the product is still the reliable system that it always has been.”


SiteNet is a fully EN54 compliant range of fire detection and alarm devices for temporary installation, featuring a control panel and six different fire call point, detection and alarm devices with multiple configurations and settings, as well as first aid alert functionality. With self-forming and self-healing wireless mesh protocol technology, SiteNet offers cause-and-effect programming capability for timed and zone-controlled evacuations, making it an ideal solution for any temporary project.

Matthew Trigwell, Sales Director at Bull Products, said, “We’re delighted to be introducing SiteNet to our range. This really is the gold-star temporary wireless solution. The system incorporates the latest technology into its range of smoke and heat detectors to provide enhanced early fire detection built on a wireless network that’s fully EN 54 compliant. It will improve fire safety on temporary sites and reduce the occurrence of unwanted or false alarms.”

Bull Products’ SiteNet and SiteProtect solutions offer a comprehensive range of temporary wireless fire detection and alarm devices, ensuring enhanced fire safety for temporary projects.

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