Dafo Vehicle releases fluorine-free Forrex EVO in response to environmental regulation changes

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Introduction of Forrex EVO

Dafo Vehicle has announced the launch of Forrex EVO, an innovative fire suppression agent that is fluorine-free, aligning with forthcoming global regulations aimed at reducing fluorine content in such products.

Forrex EVO builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, delivering effective flame knockdown and high penetration capabilities while boasting an improved environmental profile.

This new agent forms a resistant foam blanket over fires, adding a rapid cooling effect to quickly suppress flames.

Regulatory and industry context

The development of Forrex EVO comes in anticipation of new restrictions by the European Chemical Agency (ECA) and the UN, aiming to limit the use of fluorine in fire suppression agents by 2025.

These changes reflect a broader industry shift towards environmentally sustainable solutions in fire safety, driven by increased regulatory scrutiny and market demand.

Product development and standards

Dafo Vehicle invested a year in research and development to reformulate its Forrex agent, successfully removing fluorine to create Forrex EVO.

The new agent has met all relevant market standards, including SBF 127:17, SPCR 199, and SP method 4912 rating C3A, as well as ECE R-107, ensuring its readiness for widespread adoption across various business sectors.

Expert commentary

Anders Gulliksson, Product Manager at Dafo Vehicle, commented: “As leaders in the industry we hold ourselves to be able to evolve and adapt in response to the quickly changing nature of fire risk.

“We must remain agile and dynamic, investing in R&D to pioneer and develop the safest solutions. And this is exactly what we have delivered with the launch of Forrex EVO.

“A year in the making, we have ensured that the product meets the highest safety and environmental standards.”

Looking towards implementation

With the upcoming regulatory deadline, Dafo Vehicle is encouraging its customers to update their existing fire suppression systems to incorporate the new fluorine-free agent, promoting better environmental practices and adherence to future legal requirements.

IFSJ Comment

The release of Dafo Vehicle‘s Forrex EVO represents a proactive approach to adapting industry practices to meet both safety and environmental challenges.

By developing a fluorine-free suppression agent, Dafo Vehicle aligns with upcoming regulations.

This initiative is part of a broader trend towards sustainable development that is becoming increasingly crucial as industries worldwide adjust to new norms and expectations.

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