Hochiki secures food production facility in the Netherlands with advanced fire detection system

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JTI Brandbeveiliging installs comprehensive fire safety solution for Kervo’s new plant

Installers JTI Brandbeveiliging have been instrumental in enhancing fire safety at a food manufacturing facility in the Netherlands by integrating Hochiki Europe’s fire detection system, Latitude, along with weatherproof devices.

This initiative aims to offer superior fire protection and operational confidence to the food manufacturer, focusing on producing high-quality food without concerns about safety disruptions.

Navigating challenges in food production safety

The installation at the food production facility posed unique challenges, particularly concerning the generation of steam during production and cleaning processes, which could potentially trigger false alarms.

Luciën van Eldijk, leading the JTI Brandbeveiliging team, shared insights into the complexities of the project: “In food production sites like this, it is essential for the machinery to remain clean throughout the entire process.

“This means there is a lot of steam and water present, which, unfortunately, can trigger false alarms.

“We needed to install devices that could negate this issue, Hochiki’s weatherproof call points, sounders, and sensors were the perfect solution.

“They worked seamlessly with the Latitude fire safety system from Hochiki.”

Technical specifications and project impact

Latitude is noted for its network-wide cause-and-effect capabilities and is BOSEC approved, meeting stringent Dutch standards for fire safety devices and systems.

The project required extensive infrastructure, including over 2.5km of cabling and numerous fire detection devices to secure the large facility effectively.

The system’s robust design allows for handling up to 20,000 inputs and outputs, making it an ideal choice for significant, complex installations like Kervo’s new plant.

Endorsement and reliability of Hochiki systems

The reliability and ease of installation of Hochiki products were highlighted as key factors in their selection.

Luciën van Eldijk further elaborated on their choice: “Due to the nature of this project, there have been some technical aspects where we have needed to seek advice, but the team at Hochiki have been very helpful in working with us to create the best solution for our customer.

“We choose Hochiki products and systems because they are reliable, they are easy to install and, most importantly, meet the high standards and regulations required by the laws of the Netherlands – we would recommend Hochiki products for this reason.”

IFSJ Comment

This installation not only reinforces the importance of tailored fire safety solutions in specialized environments like food production but also highlights the effectiveness of modern fire detection systems in managing environmental challenges.

Projects like these demonstrate the potential for advanced technology to enhance safety while maintaining operational efficiency in high-demand industries.

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