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Delhi bolsters fire and safety measures for G20 Summit


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In preparation for the G20 Leaders’ Summit this weekend (9 and 10 September), New Delhi has ramped up its safety measures, ensuring optimal fire security at the international convention centre – Bharat Mandapam – located at Pragati Maidan.

Drawing from extensive plans, the Delhi Fire Service (DFS) will deploy 35 fire tenders and 500 personnel throughout the Summit.

DFS assures readiness despite potential rain challenges at G20 Summit

With the possibility of rains, the DFS has procured four special high-voltage water pumping machines to prevent waterlogging, especially in the Rajghat area.

The Director of DFS, Atul Garg, shared with PTI: “Every department is preparing for the upcoming G20 meet.

“DFS is considered one of the most prominent departments, and the department has prepared itself to tackle any fire incident that may take place.”

Comprehensive deployment plan for G20: DFS Director

Detailing the deployment strategy, Garg mentioned that the Summit area has been divided into three main sections.

He stated: “First will be the meeting venue Bharat Mandapam, where all the delegates will gather.

“The second area is where all dignitaries will stay, mainly in the city’s prominent hotels. The third part includes tourist places that all dignitaries will visit.”

During the Summit, DFS employees won’t have any holidays.

They are equipped with the latest tools, ensuring they can handle both the Summit’s demands and the city’s daily fire-related calls, which average about 100 a day.

In line with the Summit’s demands, the DFS has been conducting mock drills.

Every deployed unit will consist of six to seven members, and they’re positioned strategically across important locations.

Garg added that these units won’t engage in any bird rescue exercises during this period.

IFSJ Comment

Delhi’s meticulous preparations for the G20 Summit showcase the significance of proactive safety measures in large-scale international events.

The dedication and effort put forth by DFS, from staff deployment to equipment upgrades, underscore the paramount importance of ensuring safety for global leaders and attendees.

The integration of both regular fire-safety measures and solutions to weather-related challenges, like waterlogging, highlight the comprehensive approach required when the global spotlight is on a city.

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