MSA Safety’s newest gas detector earns the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award

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The ALTAIR io 4Gas detector gains recognition

MSA Safety has revealed that its latest portable gas detector, the ALTAIR io 4, has been awarded the 2023 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in the global gas detection sector.

This announcement came as a testament to the product’s advanced features and MSA’s commitment to innovation.

Elevating the gas detection industry

The ALTAIR io 4 is the inaugural product in the MSA Connected Work Platform and was built to be a holistic and user-friendly safety solution.

It boasts a pioneering direct-to-cloud structure, enabling it to smoothly integrate with MSA Grid cloud-based software and the ALTAIR io Dock.

This interconnectivity can assist safety managers in amplifying compliance, efficiently handling their device arsenal, and boosting awareness of worker safety.

When used with MSA’s MSA+ subscription service, this device provides a robust system that augments worker safety, simplifying safety program supervision by offering immediate insight, ultimately optimising safety and efficiency for workers and worksites alike.

Recognition of distinction

Frost & Sullivan’s award acknowledges businesses introducing innovative products or solutions that aptly cater to essential consumer requirements.

This entails the company’s ability to envisage future industry needs and address emerging challenges and prospects.

The entirety of the Connected Work Platform ecosystem, which includes the ALTAIR io 4, the MSA Grid software platform, MSA+, and MSA id digital device assignment capabilities, is what set it apart during the evaluation.

A company’s perspective on innovation

Gustavo Lopez, MSA Safety‚Äôs Vice President of Product Strategy and Pricing, stated: “The Connected Work Platform is designed to make safety more straightforward and empower safety managers to devise adaptable and forward-thinking safety schemes.

“By utilising our top-tier sensor technology and cloud-based solutions, we’re facilitating safety managers to streamline their safety programmes via digital reporting and allowing them remote access to data.

“It’s a privilege to be acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan for this award, underscoring our persistent efforts to craft pioneering safety measures that safeguard people in their daily work environments.”

The criteria for success

To win a Frost & Sullivan award, products must meet the demands of industry customers, demonstrate reliability and superior quality, and display innovation in design.

Additionally, customer impact criteria such as cost-effectiveness, user experience during purchase and ownership, customer service, and brand value are factored in.

Further details on the Connected Work Platform and ALTAIR io 4 can be found here.

IFSJ Comment

The recognition of MSA Safety’s ALTAIR io 4 by a reputable institution like Frost & Sullivan signifies a significant shift in the realm of gas detection.

The device’s innovative design, coupled with its cloud capabilities, brings a fresh approach to safety management.

Moreover, the Connected Work Platform shows MSA’s dedication to optimising worker safety, which will likely set new standards in the industry.

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