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Demand for passive fire installer training sees significant growth

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Passive fire protection specialist, Promat, responds to rising demand

Promat, a specialist in passive fire protection, has observed a noticeable increase in the demand for its competence-based training.

To accommodate this growing demand, the firm has elevated the number of courses it provides.

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Being a significant member of the Etex group, Promat is dedicated to enhancing competency skills centred around the specification and fitting of passive fire protection products and systems.

They are striving to define the standard for proficiency and excellence in the industry.

Comprehensive passive fire installer training programmes cater to industry needs

Phil Chapman, Construction Support Manager at Etex Building Performance, stated: “The courses are run on request and we cater to various clients, including distributors, specialist installers, primary contractor fire experts, and third-party accreditation inspectors.

“Each course can accommodate up to eight participants over two days. During this time, attendees are shown installation demonstrations and given the chance for hands-on experience.

“This allows them to hone their ability to precisely measure, cut, and fit a range of Promat products for multiple uses.

“It’s crucial that safety is upheld during the installation, so instructions on the proper use of installation tools like plunge saws, gas-powered staplers, and drywall screw guns are also provided.

“The training encompasses various tasks, including the fitting of structural fire protection on beams, columns, partition walls, and constructing service enclosures.”

In addition to their regular courses, Promat also provides customised courses designed for specific application scenarios.

They also have hybrid courses that feature a selection of Etex products, such as Siniat and FSi.

Promat’s response to changing industry dynamics

Chapman added: “We have offered training courses for installers and contractors for several years, but this year we’ve witnessed a distinct spike in demand.

“This uptick is likely in response to recent adjustments in the building safety act.

“It’s heartening to observe contractors and installers valuing the essence of competency and skill safety.

“Consequently, we’ve enhanced our course offerings by 25% to address this demand.

“We are also devoted to upholding supreme levels of competence throughout Promat, ensuring that every team member, from marketing to technical roles, undergoes the training.

“This ensures hands-on installation experience, fostering more in-depth knowledge and assurance when interacting with our clientele.”

IFSJ Comment

Promat’s increased demand for passive fire installer training reflects the industry’s shift towards emphasising competence and safety in the wake of recent building safety act changes.

Contractors and installers’ heightened interest underscores a collective recognition of the need for rigorous training and skills in passive fire protection.

We anticipate a ripple effect, with more industry players likely to follow suit.

The increase in course availability by Promat is a proactive response, ensuring that the necessary skills and knowledge permeate through the construction and safety sectors.

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