Rhino Engineering announces team changes

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In a recent update from Rhino Engineering Group Limited, Dr Chris Norris, a stalwart in the high-performance doors and blast walls sector, will be transitioning into a part-time role within the company.

Dr Norris transitions after a notable tenure

After over 25 years of working in the high-performance doors and blast walls sector, Dr Norris joined Rhino in 2017.

Since then, he has been pivotal in the successful completion of numerous intricate and high-value projects for the Group.

Notably, his methods for the structural dynamic design of both blast-resistant walling systems and blast-resistant doors are now recognised as standard practices within the offshore oil and gas industry.

These methodologies have also gained significance in various other crucial industries.

On his journey with Rhino Engineering, Dr Norris stated: “Since joining Rhino I’ve had the chance to explore more advanced blast protection ideas and will continue to support the team in developing and implementing relevant ideas that will positively impact our customers and a range of critical industries.”

Significant contributions to Rhino Engineering’s evolution

Dr Norris has played a significant role in Rhino’s transformation from a manufacturer and installer of pre-engineered doors to a holistic partner catering to every stage, from planning to after-sales support.

He has also been instrumental in broadening the company’s geographical reach and establishing partnership agreements.

Stuart Lawrence, Group Managing Director of Rhino Engineering Group, expressed his sentiments, stating: “While Chris’s role may be changing, his top-level expertise and ideas will still be helping to shape the future for us and our partners.”

The Board of Rhino Engineering Group Limited expressed their gratitude towards Chris for his unwavering commitment and service as a director and anticipate his continued support in his new role as part-time Group Chief Engineer.

The company said that the technical prowess of Norris will continue to influence its work, and many are optimistic about the promising advancements on the horizon.

IFSJ Comment

For the fire and safety sector, personnel changes at major industry players like Rhino Engineering can impact innovation and best practices.

Dr Norris’s expertise has shaped standards, especially in areas such as blast-resistant systems crucial for the offshore oil and gas industry.

His new role suggests a continuation of his influential work but in a different capacity.

Industry watchers and professionals alike will be keen to observe how this change affects the broader safety landscape and Rhino Engineering’s future innovations.

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