Dubai firefighter single-handedly rescues 24 people from residential fire

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First Corporal Ghadeer Al Kaabi: a Dubai hero in action

First Corporal Ghadeer Al Kaabi, a firefighter from Dubai Civil Defense, has been commended saved the lives of 24 individuals from a residential fire in Bur Dubai.

As detailed in The National, Al Kaabi was in the vicinity when he spotted flames engulfing a residence.

He promptly alerted the control room and ventured into the burning property, aiming to secure the inhabitants’ safety.

Fire quickly spreading to vehicles and adjacent structures

Al Kaabi reported that the fire had reached two vehicles, a tent, and the house’s annex, yet observed no activity within the residence.

The main entryway was shut and no occupants were seen exiting the building.

Upon entering the house, he found families within the villa unaware of the threatening blaze.

Al Kaabi managed to lead them to safety and administered first aid to one injured resident until the arrival of further emergency services.

His quote: “What I did was my professional and humanitarian duty as a fireman. The department ensures we are well trained to be ready for emergencies.”

Dubai Police have yet to reveal the timing of the fire and subsequent rescue operation.

Recognition from Dubai authorities for exemplary courage

In a Wednesday ceremony, high-ranking officers from Dubai Police honoured Al Kaabi’s act of bravery.

Major General Khalil Al Mansouri, the assistant commander-in-chief of criminal investigations affairs, lauded Al Kaabi’s courageous actions, stating: “Al Kaabi is a hero as he did not hesitate to deal with the fire and rescue people’s lives. He took the risk and went inside despite the flames and smoke.”

IFSJ Comment

This incident serves as an inspirational example for firefighters worldwide, reinforcing the importance of comprehensive training and preparedness for emergency situations.

It also underscores the vital role of firefighters in community safety and disaster response, making it a noteworthy event for our readers to learn from and appreciate.

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