PG&E collaborates with Marin County Fire Department to boost wildfire safety

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Partnership ushers in enhanced wildfire response in Marin County

The International Fire & Safety Journal reports on the recent collaboration between PG&E and the Marin County Fire Department aimed at increasing wildfire safety in Marin County.

This partnership, confirmed by the Marin County Supervisors, promises to improve wildfire response capabilities, according to an official press release published on PG&E’s news page.

As part of this agreement, PG&E is to furnish the county with a modern BlackHawk UH-60 helicopter for the 2023 fire season.

The helicopter is intended to be dispatched by the fire department to any incident occurring within Marin County.

It will also be accessible by mutual aid request for deployment across PG&E’s high-fire risk area.

Fire department officials hail ‘pivotal moment’ in wildfire safety

Mark Quinlan, senior vice president of Wildfire & Emergency Operations at PG&E, said: “This partnership represents a pivotal moment in our collective efforts to address the wildfire risk that threatens our communities.

“By combining the strengths of PG&E and the Marin County Fire Department, we are determined to deliver effective solutions that will help mitigate and combat devastating wildfires.

“Our commitment is unwavering, and together, we will work tirelessly to protect our hometowns.”

Similarly, Marin County Fire Chief Jason Weber expressed the importance of this partnership: “The Marin County Fire Department is dedicated to safeguarding our community from the ever-growing wildfire threat.

“This partnership with PG&E marks a significant milestone in our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to wildfires. Together, we stand ready to confront this shared challenge and protect our residents and landscapes.”

Advanced resources mobilised for wildfire safety

The helicopter, outfitted with an internal water tank for initial firefighting operations, will be stationed in the North Bay to serve Marin County.

It will also be made available to other areas within PG&E’s high-fire risk areas.

From July 1 to October 31, this initiative will be managed by the fire department’s Emergency Command Center, which will supervise the dispatching of the helicopter to fire incidents.

PG&E’s contractor, PJ Helicopters, will oversee the aircraft’s operations and maintenance, maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency.

IFSJ Comment

This partnership as an important development in enhancing wildfire safety in Marin County and across PG&E’s high-risk areas.

The collaboration between these entities, involving the allocation of advanced resources, underscores the importance of cross-sector cooperation in combating the ever-increasing threat of wildfires.

It presents a strategic model of public-private collaboration aimed at mitigating disaster risks and enhancing community safety, making it a noteworthy news item for our readers.

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