DuPont unveils new fire safety breather membrane for high-rise buildings

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DuPont introduces Tyvek Trifecta: new fire-resistant breather membrane

DuPont Performance Building Solutions has launched a new product, the Tyvek Trifecta breather membrane, specifically designed for the external walls of high-rise buildings.

This product is notable for its A2-s1, d0 Class Fire Performance, aligning with the European Fire Classification Standard EN 13501-1, and it exceeds the fire safety standards set by current UK Building Regulations.

The Tyvek Trifecta is presented in a convenient roll size of 1.5m x 25m, offering exceptional fire safety and moisture protection.

It represents an evolution of the standard Tyvek breather membranes, providing enhanced protection in a lightweight format.

Complete system and UV resistance

In conjunction with the DuPont AirGuard A2 FR AVCL, Tyvek Trifecta forms a comprehensive A-rated membrane system.

The system’s integrity is further reinforced by the DuPont AirGuard FR System Tape, which bolsters its fire and moisture protection capabilities.

This makes the system suitable for various building types including high-rise buildings, hospitals, and schools.

Moreover, Tyvek Trifecta boasts up to 12 months of UV resistance, offering flexibility during construction projects and aiding in the maintenance of a quality fa├žade installation.

Advanced moisture management

The new Tyvek Trifecta is engineered with superior moisture management properties.

It features Class W1 water resistance according to EN13859-2 and is designed with low vapour resistance, making it an optimal secondary weather protection layer in external wall systems.

Andrea Albert, Shelter Solutions EMEA Marketing Leader at DuPont, commented: “Tyvek Trifecta provides an outstanding solution to helps offer building owners fire safety protection of people using their buildings.”

Albert also noted: “This product is a testament to our commitment to developing solutions that help enhance the fire safety and moisture protection standards of the construction industry.”

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