IFE reports further progress in strategy development for fire safety


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IFE advances strategic themes for fire safety in 2025-2029 plan

The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)’s development of its strategy for the 2025-2029 period has reached another significant milestone.

The recent completion of phase 2 workshops and a comprehensive online feedback survey have collected insights from IFE members and external organisations across 32 branches worldwide.

This extensive engagement has facilitated the identification and prioritisation of key strategic themes for the institution’s future focus.

Details from the strategy engagement workshops

During the phase 1 workshops, the IFE gathered over 500 pieces of feedback, which shaped the initial strategic themes.

These themes were further refined in the phase 2 workshops, with nearly 600 additional feedback entries enhancing the global perspective of the strategy.

This collaborative process led to the identification of four main strategic themes: reinforcing the IFE’s purpose and identity, expanding its role in global fire safety, emphasising the impact of learning and data, and promoting inclusivity in fire safety practices.

Strategic themes identified

The analysis of the feedback pinpointed several areas critical for the IFE’s strategic focus.

These include aligning the institution’s identity with its advocacy for a safer future, enhancing its role in global fire safety, leveraging learning and data for tangible impacts, and fostering a comprehensive approach to inclusivity in fire safety.

Each theme has been scored for relevance and importance, guiding their prioritisation in the strategy development process.

Next steps in strategy formation

Following the detailed feedback analysis, the IFE is set to transform these themes into concrete strategic objectives.

These objectives will be outlined and presented to the IFE Board of Trustees and the International General Assembly, setting the stage for their implementation in the coming strategy period.

IFSJ Comment

The IFE’s systematic approach to developing its 2025-2029 strategy exemplifies a methodical advancement in fire safety planning.

By incorporating a wide range of international insights and prioritising based on detailed feedback, the IFE is positioning itself to address the evolving needs of fire safety globally.

This process enhances the institution’s strategic alignment and ensures that its initiatives are grounded in the collective expertise and needs of its members.

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