Editor’s Product: BAUER’s RFIDPro

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BAUER’s RFIDPro puts control in the hands of fire departments

At BAUER, every innovation is built around safety, efficiency, and ease of use. Its internet-based solutions are designed to keep users in control of  their systems.

No exception to this is BAUER RFIDPro, a subscription-based service that helps fire departments save time and stay safe while remaining in compliance with NFPA 1989 and OSHA regulations.

A user-friendly handheld device puts intuitive control of the user’s system at their fingertips.

The device is compatible with any SCBA manufacturer’s RFID tags, or it can scan cylinder bar codes.

RFIDPro generates records to track fill data, including date, operator, and fill pressure, replacing the need for time-consuming, hand-written logs.

The RFIDPro notifies the operator and department personnel when a cylinder has reached its end-of-life expiration date, is past due on hydro testing, or is inactive due to failed inspection.

The device guides the operator through the entire cylinder fill process, ensuring that each step is completed safely and sequentially.

All SCBA history and information is stored in the cloud and accessible at any time through the user interface portal on the BAUER RFIDPro secure website, where it can be downloaded.

The reader can be operated offline when a Wi-Fi connection is not available, and it is also available with LTE cellular option. Important documentation, such as cylinder repair and hydrotest certificates, can be uploaded into the cloud to keep all records in one place.


IoT Solution is an app and internet-based service that allows BAUER customers to remotely monitor and control their entire BAUER system through any wireless mobile device or computer.

Factory-trained personnel who are authorised by administrators may control the system with the same functionality as if they were physically standing in front of the unit.

The Mobile Dashboard feature provides a graphical SCADA display of the entire system, including compressor system status, error log, critical pressures and temperatures, the volume of gas dispensed in storage information, and more.

The BAUER Reports feature generates standard or customised reports tailored to the specific needs of the customer, and the service can provide historical data for all reports.

BAUER Predictive Analytics provides a new proactive dimension to perpetually maintaining customers’ compressor systems at peak conditions with minimum downtime.

Its algorithm uses artificial intelligence to analyse collected system information on the BAUER Cloud to predict upcoming maintenance requirements and preventative actions to avoid unplanned shutdowns.

The BAUER CONNECT mobile app will send push notifications if certain parameters of the system fall outside of the normal operating range or if triggered by a system alert, ensuring essential personnel are notified immediately to allow for proactive intervention in a situation that could potentially be detrimental to the BAUER system as well as the customer’s operation.

This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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