Majority of high-rises in England comply with new building safety registration guidelines


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In a significant move towards ensuring building safety in England, the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has progressed its registration programme for high-rise residential buildings that are at least 18 metres or seven storeys tall and have two or more residential units.

The deadline for the registration of these existing buildings was set by the Building Safety Act 2022, a measure instituted in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire tragedy.

Over 13,000 applications initiated for building safety registration

Since the opening of the high-rise building (HRB) registration service in April, over 13,000 dutyholders have initiated or finalised their applications.

This registration not only signifies adherence to a legal duty but also acts as a pivotal element in a suite of measures dedicated to guaranteeing the safety of residents in high-rise buildings. Information garnered from these registrations will assist the BSR in strategising the building assessment certificate process slated for April 2024.

Majority comply while a few remain; BSR sends urgent reminder

Chris Griffin-McTiernan, Deputy Chief Inspector of Buildings at BSR, conveyed: “We are encouraged to see that since the HRB registration service opened in April, the majority of Principal Accountable Persons (PAP’s) have recognised their mandatory registration obligations.”

However, he also emphasised the urgency for the minority who are lagging behind: “We are now urgently reminding the minority of dutyholders who have missed the deadline for completing their registration application, that they could now face significant sanctions, including prosecution.

“Please respond to your legal duty – act now and register to avoid action being taken against you.”

Detailed guidance, available since April 2023, enlightens building owners and managers about their legal duties for building registration. Furthermore, the BSR has conducted over thirty stakeholder sessions focusing on supporting individuals in finalising their applications.

For additional guidance and resources, building owners and managers can visit the ‘Making Buildings Safer’ campaign website.

IFSJ Comment

The announcement from the Building Safety Regulator signifies a commendable stride in the path of ensuring the safety of residents in high-rise residential buildings.

Instituted following the Grenfell tragedy, this rigorous process of registration reiterates the significance of compliance and building safety.

With over 13,000 applications either initiated or completed, it’s evident that there’s an overwhelming consensus about the gravity of this responsibility.

The BSR’s proactive stance in reminding and potentially penalising those who haven’t adhered underlines the imperativeness of this initiative.

For every stakeholder in the building and safety domain, this is a pivotal moment to pause, reflect, and ensure we are doing our utmost to protect residents.

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