Enhanced fire protection for Duffys Forest

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Boosted community safeguard with state-of-the-art fire station

Members of Duffys Forest Rural Fire Brigade celebrated the official opening of their new fire station on 25 June. The facility, costing $2.4 million, will act as a central and secure hub for brigade members as they continually strive to offer high-quality fire protection to their community.

New station to accommodate growing volunteer ranks

The opening ceremony saw the participation of RFS Deputy Commissioner Kyle Stewart, who joined the brigade members and special guests. He expressed his gratitude towards the volunteers for their unwavering service to the community. According to Stewart, the new station will accommodate the brigade’s expanding volunteer membership, serve as a community hub and act as a base for the Northern Beaches Remote Area Firefighting Team.

Volunteers’ operational needs enhanced with superior facilities

“With four truck bays, office space and a large mezzanine area, this station features amenities which will improve the experience and operational needs of our volunteers”, said Deputy Commissioner Stewart. He also highlighted that the facility would be a welcome addition for the over 160 current volunteer members of the brigade.

The Deputy Commissioner also praised the volunteers for their role in adding to the project’s value by fundraising $134,000.

Praising volunteers’ relentless dedication and contribution

Deputy Commissioner Stewart commended the Duffys Forest Rural Fire Brigade members for their ongoing hard work and dedication. He extended his gratitude to the volunteers for being readily available around the clock. He further thanked the families, friends, employers, and colleagues of the volunteers, recognising their ongoing support which enables RFS volunteers to do their critical work of protecting lives and property.

About the NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the leading combat agency for bush fires in NSW, with a history spanning over 100 years. The NSW RFS, known as the world’s largest volunteer fire service, has its members trained to very high levels of competence to ensure they know what to do in an emergency. The service’s goal is to minimise the likelihood and impact of fires through comprehensive risk management programmes.

Comment from International Fire & Safety Journal

The new fire station in Duffys Forest signifies an essential development in community fire safety. Enhanced facilities and expanded volunteer capacity will undoubtedly optimise response times and effectiveness in emergencies. This is great example of how effective investment and volunteerism can significantly strengthen community resilience against fire-related incidents.

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