FPA introduces ABBE-accredited fire door inspection and passive fire protection qualifications


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The Fire Protection Association (FPA), an established name in fire safety, has announced the launch of three new qualifications in fire safety. These include two levels of passive fire protection as well as fire door inspection training, adding to their wide range of training services.

FPA unveils ABBE-accredited fire safety qualifications

These qualifications, now accredited by the Awarding Body for Building Education (ABBE), are regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). They are the result of increasing demands in the fire safety sector for higher competency standards and better regulation.

FPA’s initiative in improving fire safety competency

In line with the growing emphasis on competence in fire safety, the FPA’s new qualifications cater to different roles and responsibilities within the industry. This offers professionals a chance to enhance their knowledge and gain vital skills for their career progression.

Industry tailored fire door inspection and fire protection courses

The FPA’s Fire Safety Trainer and Coordinator, Richard Nicholson commented on the introduction of these independently accredited qualifications: “The FPA is pleased to launch FPA-designed Passive Fire Qualifications registered with Ofqual through ABBE, the awarding body. Based on industry and employers’ needs, our qualifications support the competency agenda and focus on providing industry professionals with key knowledge and understanding through the robustness of qualification standards.”

Detailing the new fire safety qualifications

The FPA has introduced the following new courses:

  • Level 2 Award in Passive Fire Protection – Foundation: This qualification is suitable for anyone involved in property maintenance or refurbishment, offering entry-level understanding of fire safety protection within building structures.
  • Level 3 Award in Passive Fire Protection – Intermediate: Designed for individuals with basic passive fire protection knowledge and responsibility for overseeing its correct application, this qualification is aimed at those managing contractors and upskilling fire risk assessors.
  • Level 3 Award in Fire Door Inspection: This course provides necessary knowledge to ascertain whether a fire door set meets the required standard and advise a client or employer if a door fails to meet this standard.

For more information, including upcoming dates, locations, and booking and availability, visit the source.

About the FPA

The FPA is a renowned body in fire safety, offering an extensive range of training services to fire safety professionals. The introduction of these ABBE-accredited qualifications aims to enhance the competence of professionals in the fire safety industry, addressing industry and employers’ needs.

IFSJ Comment

This announcement from the FPA is important news in the fire safety sector. Offering these recognised and accredited qualifications not only raises the standard of competence within the industry but also supports the overarching competency agenda. This is a progressive step towards safer practices within the fire safety industry.

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