Euralarm extends invitation for contributions to the fire safety and extinguishing industry

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Euralarm has invited individuals to consider joining their mission to shape the future of the fire safety and extinguishing industry.

This opportunity opens doors for those who are passionate about safeguarding our environment and way of life and who seek a diverse working environment with many prospects.

Requirements and responsibilities

Euralarm is reaching out to potential Technical Managers who can play a pivotal role in their dynamic team.

The organisation sets forth specific requirements for candidates, including:

  • Knowledge of the electronic fire and/or extinguishing industry.
  • Ability to support the Euralarm Fire and Extinguishing section in all aspects.
  • Familiarity with the European standardisation process.
  • Exceptional organisational skills
  • Enthusiasm for contributing to Euralarm’s fire and extinguishing section.
  • Ability to support and enhance other activities within Euralarm.
  • Capability to work independently on a self-employed basis.

The responsibilities of Technical Managers at Euralarm are significant and encompass providing crucial support to the fire and extinguishing section.

These responsibilities include assisting with meetings and events, contributing to and supporting standardisation activities, collaborating with experts, supporting the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Fire and Extinguishing sections, and staying informed about developments within the European Commission, Standardisation organisations, and other relevant associations in the domain.

Technical Managers will also contribute to diverse activities aimed at enhancing safety across Europe.

Why to join Euralarm

Euralarm emphasises the advantages of choosing them for individuals interested in fire safety:

  • Joining a passionate and visionary team dedicated to fire safety, extinguishing, and security.
  • Becoming part of a collaborative network of professionals in the field.

Euralarm is extending an invitation to those ready to make a tangible impact on the safety landscape by working alongside industry leaders and associations.

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Euralarm by sending their resume and motivation letter to Paul van der Zanden.

IFSJ Comment

Euralarm’s invitation to consider roles as Technical Managers reflects their commitment to advancing fire safety and extinguishing in Europe.

By extending opportunities to passionate individuals, Euralarm takes steps towards enhancing safety across the continent.

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