Fire Safe Europe welcomes New President for 2024-2026 term


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Fanny Guay to lead Fire Safe Europe

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) has unveiled its new leadership team for the 2024-2026 term.

Fanny Guay, previously serving as the Standards and Regulatory Affairs Leader at Paroc/Owens Corning, will take the reins as the President.

Alongside her, Paul Langford, the Global Head of Fire Protection at Hilti, will assume the role of Deputy-President.

Guay, in her new role as President, has expressed her dedication to fostering a collaborative approach within FSEU: “I am committed to reinforcing FSEU’s collaborative spirit.

“Together, we will enhance our collective efforts to elevate fire safety for people residing in buildings across Europe.”

Paul Langford also shares Fanny’s enthusiasm for partnership and a shared sense of purpose: “Collaboration is key in our mission.

“As Deputy-President, I eagerly anticipate working closely with Fanny and all our members to advance our shared goals, working towards a safer Europe.”

Acknowledging the outgoing Presidency

Fire Safe Europe extended its gratitude to the outgoing Presidency for their unwavering dedication and significant achievements.

The organisation said looks forward to this new chapter under the capable guidance of Fanny Guay as President and Paul Langford as Deputy-President.

Future prospects for Fire Safety in Europe

With the new leadership team in place, Fire Safe Europe is poised to embark on a promising journey towards enhancing fire safety across the European continent.

The collaboration between Guay and Langford promises innovative approaches and a strengthened commitment to the cause of fire safety.

IFSJ Comment

This announcement marks a significant milestone for Fire Safe Europe, with Fanny Guay and Paul Langford poised to lead the organisation into a new era of fire safety advocacy and cooperation across Europe.

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