Euralarm updates study on False Fire Alarms in Europe

fire safety

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Euralarm’s Task Group False Alarms has released a second edition of the study on false fire alarms in Europe. The new edition has been enhanced by the analysis of the situation in Denmark. In addition, the measures to reduce the amount of false alarms have been updated and newer content has been added.

The Euralarm study focuses on the statistical data of fire alarms and the methodology in the collection and evaluation. Anyone studying the data of the different countries that participate in the study, comes to the same conclusion: that there is no unified approach.

This, said Euralarm, greatly hinders comparisons, which are invaluable when trying to better understand the overall situation and develop effective and simple countermeasures against false fire alarms.

This revised and expanded publication of the study is designed to be the basis to help guide the industry and its stakeholders towards a more uniform approach across Europe, by working together with the European standardisation Technical Committee 72 to implement a common technical language.

It also contains measures for the reduction of false alarms in terms of products, planning, organisation, and maintenance.

The latest edition of the False Alarm Study can be ordered in printed format or as ebook via the publisher or via the main book-webshops.

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