Euralarm welcomes Detectortesters as a new member, enhancing fire safety expertise

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Detectortesters joins Euralarm, strengthening fire safety innovation

Euralarm has officially welcomed Detectortesters as its newest member.

This decision, ratified by Euralarm’s Board, sees Detectortesters joining both the Fire Section and Services Section of the association.

Detectortesters, renowned as the global leader in designing and manufacturing functional test solutions for fire detection systems, brings over five decades of expertise in the field.

Their extensive product range, including the Solo, Testifire, Scorpion, and SmokeSabre series, is designed to facilitate compliant functional testing of smoke, heat, CO fire detectors, and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems.

Benefits of joining Euralarm for member companies

Membership in Euralarm offers unparalleled insights into the European fire and security markets, opening up opportunities for companies to tap into a wealth of political expertise and EU policy understanding.

It facilitates networking with technical and political experts, potentially paving the way for new business partnerships.

“Companies joining Euralarm get a unique insight into what is happening on other European markets and the opportunities that they might offer,” stated a spokesperson from Euralarm.

Furthermore, members can influence standardisation and legislative processes, ensuring their voices are heard at the heart of Brussels.

Impact on standardisation and fire safety technology

Euralarm’s Fire Section is dedicated to monitoring and analysing technological developments, offering guidance on prioritisation and standardisation efforts.

This proactive approach helps members understand the impact of new technologies and supports the balance between regulatory and voluntary requirements.

The Services Section, meanwhile, focuses on safeguarding emerging fire and security services, informing members of changes in standards and advocacy activities.

IFSJ Comment

Detectortesters’ expertise in developing testing solutions for fire detection systems complements Euralarm’s mission to influence and shape industry standards and regulations.

By joining forces, Euralarm and Detectortesters are set to drive progress in fire safety, benefiting stakeholders across Europe.

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