Euro NCAP and CTIF launch online desktop version of Euro Rescue app


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Euro Rescue app’s desktop version enhances safety for first responders in Europe

The Euro NCAP and the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) have released an online desktop version of the Euro Rescue app.

This new version is specifically designed for 911 call centres and command centres where stable internet connections and large screens are available.

It enables a fast and detailed study of rescue sheets for various vehicles, including those with electric, hybrid, and other alternative energy propulsion technologies.

The app, which is free for Android and Apple tablets and phones, has been downloaded by over 500,000 first responders in Europe since its inception in June 2020.

The extensive library of more than 1500 Rescue Sheets, adhering to the ISO 17840 standard, is a testament to the app’s importance in enhancing road rescue and extrication work safety.

A growing user base and global reach

As of September 2023, the app had already surpassed half a million downloads, indicating a rapidly growing user base.

The popularity of the app has been increasing exponentially, particularly since its launch in 2020.

Pierre Castaing, President of Euro NCAP, stated: “As planned in our 2020-2025 roadmap published in 2017, Euro NCAP has added tertiary (post-crash) safety in its 2020 rating.

“This Euro Rescue application, the result of joint work between manufacturers, fire and rescue services and Euro NCAP, is the first visible result of the progress that can be made in terms of tertiary safety; others are to come.”

Tore Eriksson, Chair of the CTIF – ISO 178400 Implementation Task Force, added: “The Euro Rescue Phone app is an important milestone in the collaboration with Euro NCAP and the vehicle industry.

“For the first time, verified ISO compliant ‘Rescue Sheets and Emergency Response Guides’ will be freely and easily accessible at one unique location.

“This will greatly help the rescue services & first responders for their vitally important work across Europe.”

Worldwide usage beyond Europe

Initial statistics from Euro NCAP reveal that the app is not just popular in Europe but also globally.

The United States ranks fourth in the number of users who have downloaded the app, following the UK, Germany, and France.

This global reach underscores the app’s worldwide success, beyond its initial European audience.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of the online desktop version of the Euro Rescue app by Euro NCAP and CTIF marks a significant development in enhancing safety for first responders in Europe.

The app’s availability on multiple platforms and its extensive adoption demonstrate its crucial role in improving road rescue operations.

As the app’s popularity continues to grow globally, it serves as a remarkable example of technological advancement in tertiary safety.

This development highlights the evolving nature of rescue operations and the importance of international collaboration in improving safety standards.

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