Half a million downloads for the Euro NCAP Euro Rescue app

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The Euro NCAP Euro Rescue app for smartphones has witnessed an impressive 500,000 downloads in Europe since its inception in June 2020.

A significant tool for first responders

Since the app’s launch, over 1500 Rescue Sheets, designed to the ISO 17840 standard, have been made available to first responders across Europe.

CTIF played a pivotal role in the creation of these Rescue Sheets, enhancing the safety of road rescue and extrication tasks.

By September 2023, the app achieved the milestone of half a million downloads, catering not just to first responders but also to secondary and tertiary responders.

Remarkably, the app saw a surge from 200,000 downloads in November 2022 to 500,000 just ten months later.

Euro NCAP’s global reach

Interestingly, Euro NCAP’s preliminary statistics indicate that the app’s popularity isn’t limited to Europe.

The United States ranks fourth in the list of countries with the most users, following the UK, Germany, and France, which lead in downloads on both iOS and Android platforms.

It’s evident that Euro Rescue is gaining traction globally, with users spanning different continents.

The Euro NCAP Euro Rescue app, compatible with both Android and Apple devices, offers complimentary access to rescue sheets for a range of vehicles available in Europe, encompassing electric, hybrid, and other alternative propulsion technologies.

IFSJ Comment

The surge in downloads of the Euro NCAP Euro Rescue app underscores its growing relevance in the safety sector.

CTIF’s collaboration in producing ISO-standardised Rescue Sheets evidences a commitment to ensuring safer rescue operations on roads.

The global reach of the app, extending beyond Europe to countries like the United States, speaks volumes about its universal applicability and the trust first responders place in it.

Such tools, combining technology and safety, play a pivotal role in aiding rescue missions, ensuring quick and informed responses in critical situations.

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