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European Commission initiates survey on fire safety measures for EV charging infrastructure


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Ground-breaking survey on fire safety legislation for EV infrastructure

The European Commission recently launched a comprehensive survey to gather information on existing laws, guidelines, and codes pertinent to fire safety for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures situated in underground and above ground covered parking areas.

Raising public awareness for safer EV adoption

The survey’s completion deadline is set for the 20th of July, 2023. Representing a significant milestone, this survey serves as a critical first step that will steer the efforts of a specially convened task force, part of the wider Sustainable Transport Forum (STF). The task force is focused on creating guidelines to ensure fire safety for recharging infrastructure and electric vehicles in covered parking areas.

Fostering collaboration for a sustainable and safe future

The Sustainable Transport Forum, in whose context the task force was established, plays a crucial role in assisting the Commission in carrying out Union’s activities and programmes that encourage the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure. This is done in a bid to contribute to the European Union’s energy and climate goals.

Among other stakeholders, Fire Safe Europe has emerged as an active leader and member of the task force. There is a shared understanding that while electrification solutions such as electric vehicles and their charging points are indispensable for decarbonising the built environment, they might create new fire scenarios by introducing additional electrical loads to building systems.

Navigating fire safety challenges in the era of electric vehicles

It has been recognised that it’s essential to effectively address the fire safety of these solutions in order to enhance the deployment of technologies incentivised by the EU’s policies to decarbonise the built environment. The potential lack of safety awareness and understanding among building owners, occupants, and the general public could lead to tragic accidents and create resistance towards the deployment of decarbonisation solutions.

Shaping the future of EV infrastructure safety

The task force, created by the “Public Authorities” subgroup of the Sustainable Transport Forum, is tasked with developing guidelines to guarantee fire safety for EV charging infrastructure in covered parking areas. This comes at a crucial time as the majority of EV charging needs will be met by private charging points by 2030. It’s projected that only 40% of charging needs will be met by publicly accessible recharging points, making the implementation of safety provisions for private recharging points a priority.

In an effort to gather information and prepare an overview of fire safety legislation in covered parking lots, this survey represents the first crucial step. Future surveys will delve deeper into the risks, challenges, solutions, and best practices pertaining to this significant issue.

If you wish to participate in the survey, you can do so here.

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