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Aico enhances resident safety in housing stock in Brentwood

Aico recently celebrated 30 years of renowned market presence in Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection solutions.

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Plans for trial fitting 40 homes with upgraded life safety devices

Brentwood Borough Council has acknowledged the need to upgrade life safety products across its housing stock. Following discussions with Carol Burton, Interim Corporate Manager – Technical Services, the council will be launching a new trial that involves outfitting 40 properties with Aico’s enhanced heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, home management gateways and environmental sensors throughout the borough.

Aiming for compliance with British Standards

This initiative will modernise the home life safety systems in line with British Standard BS5839-6 and BS50292. Properties involved in the trial will be chosen based on diverse factors, and their performance will be closely monitored before, during, and after the implementation of these upgrades, to ensure the wellbeing of the residents.

Brentwood Council utilises smart home technology for safety

By employing Aico’s connected home solution, Brentwood Borough Council will be able to connect every alarm in a property to a central portal, aggregating the data into a simplified report. These insights will facilitate preventative actions and proactive maintenance of the installed fire alarm systems. This remote management capability will not only save valuable time for the local authority but will also reduce call out costs and enhance their care for residents.

Borough council leading in tenant safety with innovative products

This approach will position Brentwood Borough Council at the cutting edge of tenant safety, thanks to the use of Aico’s innovative and reliable products. Aico is set to assist the council throughout this process, offering continuous training and support to maximise the potential benefits of this scheme.

Carol Burton said: “Brentwood Borough Council are looking forward to working with Aico. Installing the home management gateway and environmental sensors will complement the fire and carbon monoxide alarms we have already installed. This modern technology will empower our tenants to see in real time how their home is performing and will help Brentwood Council identify properties that are most at risk, enabling proactive measures and preventative maintenance of our assets.”

Proactive council embraces new system for tenant wellbeing

Matt Golding, Regional Specification Manager, praised the council’s readiness to adopt the new system: “It’s great to be working with such a proactive and keen Council who have embraced the concept straight away and can see the benefits of the home management system, not only making them more effective in their housing management but also supporting the health and well-being of their tenants. We will work closely together to ensure the right advice and training is supplied and engage with the residents to let them know fully how this can benefit the environment they live in.”

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