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Farm secures life safety equipment with generous donation from STI


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STI aids Wildgoose Rural Training in curbing false alarms

Safety Technology International (STI), a leading company in the field of safety equipment, has made a significant donation to a local care farm charity, Wildgoose Rural Training. This gesture comes at a time when the charity is grappling with the issue of false alarms. The donation of protective covers aims to help alleviate this issue.

About Wildgoose Rural Training

Located in Hallow, near Worcester, Wildgoose Rural Training is a charitable care farm that provides support to adults and young people with various learning disabilities. Since its inception in 2000, the care farm has grown considerably, now occupying a 42-acre site with a 6-acre thriving farm. Here, students from diverse backgrounds are offered the chance to learn various skills ranging from horticulture and animal care, to woodworking, arts, and crafts, as well as engaging in conservation work.

Addressing the issue of false alarms

Unfortunately, the centre recently experienced a series of false alarms instigated by one of their students. These false alarms led to frequent and unnecessary evacuations, causing distress to students, especially those with sensory sensitivity and hearing issues. In response to these events, the team at Wildgoose reached out to STI for a solution.

STI’s contribution to the solution

STI suggested the use of call point covers with sounder alarms to dissuade the student from triggering the fire alarm. These protective covers were installed promptly over the call points in the main building, preventing further tampering with the fire alarm system while preserving its functionality in case of an emergency.

Jim Hidderley, Managing Director of Wildgoose Rural Training Centre, expressed his gratitude: “The call point covers provided by STI have reduced our regular false fire alarms from a weekly occurrence down to 0. The covers with sounders prove to be a sufficient deterrent from any mischievous hands.”

The benefits extend beyond safety

He continued, commenting on the wider implications of this solution: “More importantly, the cover has ensured that our students are not put under any stress that is unwarranted due to false fire alarm triggering.”

The covers in question are sturdy polycarbonate casings capable of withstanding significant impacts. They also feature an optional 96dB integral sounder that immediately draws attention to the area, discouraging unwanted activation of call points and thus reducing false fire alarms. The contribution by STI has undoubtedly bolstered the safety measures at Wildgoose, helping them continue to create a safe and conducive learning environment for their students.

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