Telgian recognises associates for contributions in business development and operations

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The annual Top Gun Awards celebrates excellence in the fire protection industry

Telgian, a leading force in the fire protection, life safety, and security industry, recently revealed the winners of its prestigious Top Gun Awards. This announcement came during the company’s Annual Meeting. Traditionally, the accolades acknowledge outstanding performers in the realm of business development. However, this year saw a first for the company as top contributors within operations were also honoured.

James Tomes, Telgian’s CEO and President, stated: “Four team members have been honoured this year for their exceptional performance, and the substantial impact they have made on the company. They have played a crucial role in the ongoing success of our business, exemplifying our core values of integrity and respect, which form the foundation of our business.”

Acknowledging business development stars

In the business development category, the accolades were awarded to Steve Goyette and Drew Gerard.

Steve Goyette brings to Telgian more than 35 years of experience in fire protection design and consulting. Apart from being a Certified Fire Protection Specialist, he also has a Level III NICET certification in Automatic Sprinkler System Layout. His leadership roles within several prominent fire and life safety organisations are notable. For instance, Goyette serves on the NFPA 915 Technical Committee on Remote Inspections and the NFPA 232 Technical Committee on the Standard for Protection of Records. Furthermore, in 2023, he took on the role of Executive Vice President, Business Development at Telgian Engineering & Consulting.

Gerard serves as the Vice President, West of Telgian Engineering & Consulting, bringing over 15 years of experience in fire protection and life safety consulting. He holds a Professional Engineer license in 25 US states and territories and possesses several certifications, including Certified Fire Protection Specialist and CVI Certification from the US Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, he is an active member in various professional organizations such as the SAME, SFPE, and NFPA.

Unveiling operations’ top performers

On the operations side, David Krimmer and Andrew Morland were the recipients of the Top Gun Awards.

David Krimmer, with 21 years of experience, is a Senior Account Manager for Telgian Fire Safety. Specialising in managing national inspections, testing, and maintenance programmes, Krimmer works with some of the largest and most recognisable retail companies in the United States. In addition to being a specialist in customer communication, problem resolution, and data management, he also has hands-on experience, boasting both fire sprinkler inspector certification and backflow tester certification.

Morland is an Assistant Regional Practice Leader at Telgian Engineering & Consulting, with a tenure of over 16 years in fire protection. His role includes coordinating new building system designs, detecting deficiencies, suggesting corrective actions, ensuring compliance with industry codes and standards, preparing fire protection specifications and permit level drawings, conducting hydraulic water flow analysis, and overseeing construction site visits.

Telgian continues its tradition of recognising excellence

With the inclusion of recognising top associates in operations, Telgian has shown its commitment to rewarding all-round excellence. The dedication and performance of these honoured associates embody the company’s values, laying a strong foundation for future business success. The annual Top Gun Awards continues to play a significant role in celebrating the achievements and fostering the talent within the fire protection, life safety, and security industry.

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