FBU calls on Labour to fully implement the New Deal for Working People

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Fire Brigades Union urges full adoption of Labour’s New Deal for workers

The general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), speaking amid concerns over potential dilutions, has issued a stark warning to the Labour Party.

He urged the party not to water down its commitments under the New Deal for Working People, a proposal aimed at reinforcing workers’ rights.

Labour’s New Deal includes plans to overturn anti-union laws, broaden collective bargaining rights, and abolish zero-hour contracts.

These measures have been spotlighted in the run-up to a pivotal general election, drawing considerable attention from various trade unions.

Trade union concerns and Labour’s response

Reports have surfaced suggesting Labour leader Keir Starmer may reconsider the swift implementation of the New Deal, prompting alarm within the union ranks.

However, Labour spokespeople have countered, reassuring that the party remains steadfast in its commitment to the New Deal for Working People.

Matt Wrack, speaking to The Guardian, expressed the collective concern: “The debate on workers’ rights is a key issue for all unions as we approach a general election.

“As a policy, it is very popular with our members but it is popular with the voters as well.”

FBU’s stand on labour’s promises

Wrack further warned of the repercussions of failing to deliver on these promises, stating the significant discontent that would arise from any perceived backtracking by Labour.

He stressed the importance of strengthening organised labour to shift the political landscape, which has been unfavourable to unions for over four decades.

“If organised labour comes out strengthened from the early months of a Labour government that alters the political balance after 40 years of attacks on unions.

“The plans for workers’ rights don’t go far enough but they do start to alter the balance of power in the workplace,” Wrack explained.

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