Forest Protection Service established in Kazakhstan to manage forest emergencies

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Prime Minister signs resolution for new forest agency

On 4 May, Kazakhstan took a significant step towards forest conservation and management by establishing a national Forest Protection Service.

As reported by The Times of Central Asia, Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov signed a government resolution initiating this agency, overseen by the Ministry of Ecology.

The new service aims to increase the efficiency of forest institutions, particularly in emergency scenarios such as forest fires.

The Forest Protection Service is also dedicated to employing a scientific approach for forest rehabilitation and clearance post-emergencies.

It will play a crucial role in enhancing coordination between various government agencies to effectively tackle large-scale wildfires.

Additionally, the service is responsible for ensuring that personnel involved in the prevention and extinguishing of forest fires are adequately trained and equipped.

Kazakhstan’s broader civil defense network

Kazakhstan’s establishment of the Forest Protection Service adds to its comprehensive civil defense system, which currently includes 15 national services.

These services encompass areas such as Firefighting, Medical, Chemical Protection, Radiation Protection, and Hydrometeorological services.

The new Forest Protection Service will contribute to this network by providing specialised support in forest fire management and prevention.

Alongside addressing emergency situations, the agency will oversee the modernisation and expansion of necessary machinery and equipment.

This upgrade is essential for the personnel to perform their duties efficiently and effectively, aligning with Kazakhstan’s broader environmental and safety goals.

IFSJ Comment

The initiation of the Forest Protection Service in Kazakhstan represents a proactive approach to managing forest-related emergencies.

This development is part of a broader strategy to enhance the country’s resilience to environmental challenges, particularly those posed by forest fires.

By improving coordination among government agencies and upgrading equipment and training for its personnel, Kazakhstan is fortifying its capability to safeguard its forest resources.

This move is also indicative of a growing recognition of the importance of integrating scientific methods in environmental management and disaster response.

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