FIM Expo Portsmouth: A hub for fire industry innovation and networking


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FIM Expo Portsmouth set to showcase fire industry advancements

The Fire Industry Association (FIA)’s first FIM Expo of the year will be held at Action Stations, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, on Wednesday, 6th March.

This event is distinguished by its regional focus and informal format, designed to provide a comprehensive look at the latest products and developments from the UK’s top fire industry manufacturers.

The FIM Expo Portsmouth offers an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to explore the newest offerings in one venue, facilitating direct engagement with industry leaders.

Concurrent FIA conference enhances learning opportunities

Running simultaneously with the Expo, the FIA conference promises a day filled with educational opportunities.

Attendees will benefit from keynote speeches and panel discussions, all CPD certified, highlighting critical issues such as lithium-ion battery fire challenges and building safety case management.

This dual-format event enables participants to network extensively with exhibitors while gaining valuable knowledge and insights from some of the fire industry’s most influential figures.

Networking and professional development

The FIM Expo and FIA conference collectively offer a rare chance for delegates to network with peers, meet industry leaders, and engage in discussions about the future of fire safety and innovation.

The event schedule includes sessions on lithium fire issues, fire safety information, and the integration of industry with fire and rescue services, aimed at fostering collaboration and looking towards the industry’s future.

This event is a must-attend for anyone looking to build business relationships, expand their brand, or stay updated on industry-leading products and practices.

IFSJ Comment

The FIM Expo Portsmouth, alongside the FIA conference, represents a significant initiative in advancing fire safety knowledge and networking within the industry.

By offering a platform for professionals to connect with manufacturers and learn from experts, the event plays a crucial role in promoting innovation and collaboration.

Such gatherings are vital for the continuous development of fire safety standards and practices, contributing to the protection and well-being of communities.

The Fire Industry Association’s commitment to organising these events underscores the importance of ongoing education and dialogue in achieving a safer future.

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