Ziegler advances Saarbrücken airport’s emergency response with new firefighting vehicles

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Image: Ziegler

Ziegler has announced the successful handover and commissioning of two new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting vehicles (ARFF) to Saarbrücken airport, marking a significant enhancement in emergency response capabilities.

The identical Advancer models introduce advanced technology, including thermal imaging cameras, setting new standards in their class for firefighting and rescue operations.

The vehicles are celebrated for their versatility, suitable for both airport premises and external areas due to their road license.

This adaptability ensures rapid and effective response wherever needed.

A notable improvement in maneuverability and a reduction in weight by approximately eight tonnes make these new ARFF vehicles more agile and flexible than their predecessors, while still maintaining substantial extinguishing agent reserves.

These advancements contribute to decreased response times in emergencies and increased efficiency for emergency services.

Technical prowess behind the new ARFF vehicles

The Advancer models boast state-of-the-art features such as the Z-Control control panel, ALPAS superstructure, Z-Vision LED ambient lighting, and the Ziegler foam proportioning system EAD 60.

Technical specifications include a Mercedes-Benz 3353 6×6 Arocs chassis, a powerful 390 kW (530 HP) engine compliant with Euro 6 emissions standards, and comprehensive firefighting equipment capable of addressing various emergency situations.

The vehicles come equipped with a water tank of 10,000 litres and a foam tank of 1,100 litres, supported by a Ziegler FPN 10-6.000-2M pump.

The inclusion of a roof turret ZW 40/20 and a front turret ZW 10, each with a thermal camera, enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of firefighting efforts.

Renewing Saarbrücken airport’s firefighting fleet

The acquisition of these ARFF vehicles was a crucial step in replacing the airport’s previous models, which had served for two decades.

This upgrade underscores Saarbrücken airport’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational readiness.

“Ziegler is delighted to announce the successful handover and commissioning of two new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting vehicles to the airport of Saarbrücken. The two identical Advancer are setting a new standard in their class,” said a Ziegler spokesperson.

“Equipped with advanced technology, including thermal imaging cameras, these vehicles offer unrivalled performance in terms of firefighting and rescue operations.”

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of Ziegler’s new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting vehicles at Saarbrücken airport is a testament to the airport’s dedication to enhancing its emergency response capabilities.

The Advancer models, with their advanced technological features, improved maneuverability, and reduced weight, represent a significant step forward in airport safety and efficiency.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, such advancements in emergency response technology are crucial for maintaining high safety standards and protecting both passengers and infrastructure.

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