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Fire breaks out at Gothenburg’s Liseberg amusement complex

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Firefighters in Sweden have been engaged in a challenging effort to extinguish a fire at a water park under construction at Liseberg, one of the country’s most renowned amusement centres, for a second consecutive day.

The incident, which occurred in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, has resulted in one employee being reported missing and 16 individuals, primarily workers, sustaining minor injuries.

Liseberg authorities investigate cause and assess damage

The cause of the fire at the Oceana water park remains undetermined, with the blaze having started on Monday and quickly spreading across various water slides and the pool area.

Svante Carlsson, representing the city’s fire department, noted that the fire was under control by Tuesday.

“There was extensive damage and some parts of the structure have collapsed,” he said, indicating an expectation for the fire crews to remain at the scene for an extended period.

Evacuations and ongoing efforts to secure the area

In response to the emergency, a nearby hotel and office buildings were evacuated.

The police have initiated an investigation into the incident, treating it as a workplace accident and a case of “gross public negligence.”

The firefighting efforts were complicated by the risk of further structural collapse, though teams reported still working to extinguish remaining pockets of fire.

Eyewitness accounts and safety precautions

According to eyewitnesses and rescue services, a powerful fire engulfed outdoor water slides and facilities on Monday, with no serious injuries reported.

However, one man remains missing, a spokesperson for Liseberg informed TT, a Swedish news agency.

Liseberg’s statement revealed that the missing individual was working on the project.

As efforts to quell the flames continued, local authorities advised residents to remain indoors and keep windows closed to avoid smoke inhalation.

IFSJ Comment

The fire at Liseberg’s Oceana water park presents a stark reminder of the importance of stringent safety measures and rapid emergency response capabilities in construction sites, especially within high-traffic public venues.

The collaborative efforts between firefighting teams, police, and local authorities in managing the situation underscore the critical need for preparedness and resilience against unexpected disasters.

As the investigation unfolds, it will be essential to assess and implement enhanced safety protocols to prevent future occurrences, ensuring the well-being of workers and visitors alike.

The incident also highlights the community’s role in supporting emergency response through adherence to safety advisories, reinforcing the collective responsibility towards public safety.

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