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Rosenbauer leads in aerial ladder and hydraulic platform sales in Germany

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Rosenbauer’s record-breaking year in aerial rescue vehicle sales

Rosenbauer has established itself as the most successful supplier of aerial ladders and hydraulic platforms in Germany, achieving record sales in 2023.

The company secured contracts for 100 out of the 156 aerial ladders and aerial rescue platforms that were up for procurement across the country.

This achievement underscores Rosenbauer’s dominance in the German market for aerial rescue devices, with contracts valued at around 90 million euros.

“Last year, we won almost two-thirds of all tenders,” said Ronald Reisinger, Managing Director of Rosenbauer Germany.

He highlighted the confidence that municipalities have shown in their products, noting the inclusion of several first-time buyers.

This surge in orders was influenced by the need for updated fire protection equipment in response to urban development and new building projects.

Customer support and service excellence

The success of Rosenbauer in 2023 can also be attributed to its exceptional customer service and support.

Fire departments benefit from dealing with experienced aerial rescue experts and appreciate the opportunity for on-site demonstrations.

Rosenbauer’s extensive service network, with four regional service centres across Germany, ensures swift and efficient order processing for fire departments, emphasising the company’s commitment to client satisfaction and technical support.

Innovation in fire rescue: Berlin’s first electric aerial ladder

Among the notable achievements of 2023 was the Berlin Fire Department’s order of Germany’s first electric aerial ladder from Rosenbauer.

This innovative vehicle features an all-electric Scania chassis and boasts three lithium-ion batteries providing a total capacity of approximately 200 kWh.

This represents a significant step towards sustainable and efficient fire rescue services.

The electric aerial ladder, identical in functionality to Rosenbauer’s standard L32A-XS turntable ladder, demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.

A diverse fleet and technological advancements

The ordered fleet includes 98 aerial ladders and two hydraulic platforms, showcasing Rosenbauer’s versatility and technological advancement in aerial rescue equipment.

The majority of these ladders feature a tiltable cage boom, enhancing manoeuvrability and accessibility in confined spaces.

The XS technology and multifunctional rescue cage are key factors in Rosenbauer’s popularity among fire departments.

The compact design and high functionality of these vehicles, manufactured at the Karlsruhe plant, illustrate Rosenbauer’s dedication to quality and efficiency in emergency response equipment.

IFSJ comment

Rosenbauer’s achievement in becoming the leading supplier of aerial ladders and hydraulic platforms in Germany marks a significant milestone in the fire safety industry.

This success is a testament to the company’s innovation, customer-focused approach, and commitment to quality.

The introduction of the first electric aerial ladder by the Berlin Fire Department highlights a move towards more sustainable fire rescue operations.

Rosenbauer’s ability to meet the diverse needs of fire departments, combined with its dedication to technological advancement, positions the company as a key player in enhancing fire safety and emergency response capabilities across Germany.

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