Fire Brigades Union announces next phase of Equality Matters campaign

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The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) unveiled the latest chapter in its Equality Matters initiative, aiming to spearhead change within the fire and rescue service.

This move comes in response to various reports revealing the widespread issues of discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the sector.

Equality Matters: New resources and standards to combat workplace discrimination

The campaign’s new phase was marked by the release of a video featuring FBU activists from different equality strands, distributed widely across social media platforms.

Additionally, the FBU has created an online hub dedicated to the Equality Matters campaign, and posters are set to be displayed in fire stations and control rooms throughout the UK in the coming week.

In an effort to enforce change, the union is compiling a comprehensive set of standards for the fire and rescue sector, intending to hold services accountable for their actions and policies regarding equality.

Union leadership voices commitment to equality

Matt Wrack, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, expressed his dedication to the cause: “I am proud to be launching the next phase of the Fire Brigades Union’s Equality Matters campaign today.

“We stand for equality – for an inclusive fire and rescue service, open to everyone, which reflects the communities it serves.”

Wrack emphasised the importance of a workplace free from abuse and mistreatment as a fundamental right and a core health and safety issue.

He highlighted the findings of recent reports, which confirm the extensive nature of discriminatory practices within the fire service, extending to leadership levels and attributed to long-standing negligence by government and fire service authorities.

“This situation is the result of decades of failings by government and fire service leaders.

“As the only democratic and representative body for firefighters and control room staff, the Fire Brigades Union will take a leading role in transforming the fire and rescue service,” Wrack stated, underlining the union’s commitment to leading the sector towards significant change.

IFSJ Comment

The Fire Brigades Union’s launch of the next phase of its Equality Matters campaign represents a critical step towards addressing and eradicating the deep-rooted issues of discrimination, harassment, and bullying within the fire and rescue service.

By introducing new resources and setting standards, the FBU is not only advocating for a more inclusive and respectful workplace but is also holding the sector accountable for its actions and policies.

This initiative is a commendable effort to ensure that fire and rescue services across the UK truly reflect and serve their communities, promoting a culture of equality and safety for all personnel.

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