Mircom group introduces new Securton fire detection and alarm range

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Launch of next-generation fire safety products

Mircom Group of Companies has announced the introduction of its latest Secutron fire detection and alarm products into the US security distribution market.

This new range is set to redefine the standards for installation, programming, service, and operation with its advanced technology and competitive pricing.

Mark Falbo, President and CEO of Mircom Group, shared his enthusiasm for the launch: “this next generation of Secutron products establishes new boundaries for being easy to install, program, service and operate while being technologically robust and cost competitive.

“We are confident that once customers experience the flexibility and ease-of-use of our Secutron products, they will quickly become their preferred choice.”

Product range and features

The Secutron line encompasses a wide variety of fire safety equipment, tailored for small to medium-sized applications.

According to Allen Fritts, Director of US Sales at Mircom Group, “Secutron’s comprehensive product offering includes both conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels and related devices that are designed for small to medium-sized applications.

“As a trusted global brand, we have strategically invested in the development of our next-generation products to meet the evolving needs of the US market.”

The range includes the MR-400 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels, MR-2300 Series Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels, and a selection of devices designed to meet the rigorous UL 864 10th edition industry standards.

Engineering and production excellence

The Secutron products are engineered and manufactured in Mircom Group’s North American facilities, ensuring high quality and reliability.

The product line features the MR-2320 Conventional Releasing Control Panel, AUDMAX Emergency Communication System, MRI-4000 Series Addressable Devices, and a comprehensive array of horns, strobes, speakers, smoke detectors, and accessories designed to address the comprehensive needs of the US market.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of the next-generation Secutron fire detection and alarm range by Mircom Group marks a significant advancement in the US security distribution market.

This development showcases Mircom Group’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

By offering a product range that combines ease of use with technological sophistication, Mircom Group sets a new standard in fire safety solutions.

This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to enhancing building safety and underscores the importance of continuous improvement in fire detection and alarm technologies.

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