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Fire Fighters’ Charity announces record-breaking success in “Bag it and Bank it” campaign

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Record-breaking funds raised through clothing recycling

The Fire Fighters’ Charity has announced an extraordinary achievement in their annual “Bag it and Bank it” recycling campaign for January 2024.

Through the generous contributions of clothing donations across the UK, the charity has raised a record-breaking £100,000 in January alone, marking a significant milestone in its fundraising efforts.

Kevin Biles, Sales Manager for the charity, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support: “I’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received this year for our ‘Bag it and Bank it’ campaign, from both our fire services community and members of the public.

This total is a result of all your hard work, and the funds raised will make such a difference.”

He further extended his thanks to the recycling partners: “I’d also like to say a massive thank you to all our recycling partners who work so hard to make this campaign a success every year.

We couldn’t achieve these results without you.”

Nationwide effort and recognition

The campaign saw the involvement of 997 fire stations across 44 Fire and Rescue Services, collecting more than 480 tonnes of clothing.

This not only supported the charity financially but also contributed to environmental sustainability by diverting waste from landfill.

The top contributors were highlighted, with Cwmbran Fire Station in South Wales leading as the overall UK champion, and Chatteris Fire Station in Cambridgeshire being the top performer in England.

Community impact and appreciation

The charity took the opportunity to congratulate all participating fire stations and thanked everyone who donated clothing.

The funds raised from these efforts are pivotal in supporting the vital work of the Fire Fighters’ Charity, offering a lifeline to individuals across the fire services community.

IFSJ Comment

The success of the “Bag it and Bank it” recycling campaign by the Fire Fighters’ Charity in January 2024 is a testament to the collective effort and generosity of the UK’s fire services community and the public.

Achieving a record-breaking £100,000 in donations highlights the community’s commitment to supporting the invaluable work of the charity.

Such initiatives provide essential funding for the charity’s operations, whilst promoting environmental sustainability through recycling.

The Fire Fighters’ Charity’s ability to unite individuals and organisations towards a common goal exemplifies the power of community and shared responsibility in making a tangible difference.

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