Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service embraces digital transformation with FireWatch software


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Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service has selected Infographics’ FireWatch cloud software, marking a significant step in its digital transformation journey.

This move positions the service at the forefront of modern fire service resource management, joining a prestigious group of approximately 20 UK fire and rescue services already benefitting from the platform.

A strategic move towards integrated management

The adoption of FireWatch by Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service comes at a pivotal moment following its transition from the County Council to the governance of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC).

This shift has prompted a comprehensive review of its ICT infrastructure, with a keen focus on integrating and streamlining operations.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Brian Steadman, highlighted the strategic nature of this transition: “Following Local Government Reorganisation within Cumbria, the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner is now responsible for the governance of Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service.

‚ÄúThis project aims to rationalise and reduce the number of standalone systems by implementing scalable, modular, and integrated solutions that create efficiencies and eliminate the duplication of effort and inconsistent recording of information.”

FireWatch: A comprehensive solution for fire service management

FireWatch offers a suite of integrated tools for resource planning and management, delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

It encompasses a wide range of functionalities, including SMT Planning, HMICFRS reporting, actionable dashboards, and modules for HR, health & safety, and payroll integration, among others.

The service’s transition also facilitates a move away from disparate ‘on-premise’ solutions, enabling a more cohesive approach to managing human resources, assets, and service delivery through digital means.

Benefits and future phases of implementation

The initial phase of implementing FireWatch focuses on new integrated modules that promise enhanced efficiency and service delivery.

Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are delighted to announce Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service as our latest client and look forward to helping them transition to our specialist, fully integrated, cloud-hosted FireWatch suite.”

This collaboration is expected to modernise Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service’s operations significantly, providing secure, flexible access to critical systems and data, and paving the way for further enhancements in future phases.

IFSJ Comment

The decision by Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service to adopt Infographics’ FireWatch platform signifies a forward-thinking approach to resource management and operational efficiency.

By leveraging cloud technology, the service demonstrates a commitment to enhancing its operational capabilities and service delivery to the public.

This move streamlines processes and improves data management, aligning with broader trends in digital transformation within the fire and rescue sector.

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