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Fire Protection Research Foundation to host webinar on PPE cleaning validation


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The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) is set to hold a webinar on September 28, 2023, focused on the topic of “Fire Service PPE Cleaning Validation”.

Details of this upcoming session can be accessed here.

Understanding the importance of PPE cleaning

Firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) frequently comes into contact with toxic chemicals, biological pathogens, and various hazardous contaminants.

Such substances not only soil the PPE but also pose potential health risks to the firefighters. Efforts are underway to clean the PPE more frequently to mitigate these risks.

While NFPA 1851 provides guidelines for cleaning, there’s a demand for more scientific backing for these procedures.

One of the pivotal questions being researched is: “How clean is clean?”

A deep dive into the research on PPE cleaning

In 2015, FPRF launched a PPE cleaning validation research funded by a 3-year assistance to firefighters grant.

This study aimed at devising effective strategies for removing contaminants from firefighter PPE.

The research, in collaboration with International Personnel Protection, Inc. and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, formulated cleaning procedures for PPE garments typically cleaned in commercial laundering extractors.

These findings later became part of the NFPA 1851. A subsequent phase in 2018 sought to establish cleaning methodologies for a broader range of fire service PPE.

Research revealed that different protective equipment, given their unique designs and materials, exhibited varied levels of contamination and decontamination capabilities.

The current third phase focuses on defining comprehensive best practices for the cleaning and sanitising of firefighter PPE.

This informative webinar will share insights from this multi-year research.

Jeffrey Stull from International Personnel Protection, Inc., and Crystal Forester from NIOSH NPPTL will present the findings.

Registration for the webinar is free, and interested parties can sign up directly or visit to view previous FPRF webinars.

Acknowledging the supporters

The Fire Protection Research Foundation extends its gratitude to the FPRF 2023 Webinar Series Sponsors, including AXA XL Risk Consulting, Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc., Telgian Engineering and Consulting, The Zurich Services Corporation, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute Fire Protection Engineering Program.

For more about this project, interested individuals can visit

IFSJ Comment

The cleaning and sanitisation of firefighter PPE have been a topic of growing concern within the fire service community. As our firefighters face an array of hazardous contaminants, it becomes imperative to ensure their equipment is free from harmful residues that could jeopardise their health. This webinar, hosted by the reputable Fire Protection Research Foundation, is poised to shed light on the latest research findings, offering valuable insights into best practices and cleaning methodologies. Such knowledge is vital in ensuring our firefighters are equipped with safe gear, thereby promoting their overall health and safety.

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