Fire Protection Research Foundation to host webinar on marine transport safety of energy storage systems

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Fire safety in marine transportation of energy storage systems highlighted in upcoming webinar

The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) is set to host an insightful webinar on the marine transportation of energy storage systems (ESS) titled “Hazard Assessment and Regulatory Analysis”.

This event, part of the 2024 FPRF webinar series, will take place on April 29, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm ET.

Participants are encouraged to register via the NFPA’s dedicated link.

This session will focus on enhancing understanding of the risks associated with transporting ESS by sea, a practice increasing due to the global manufacturing and distribution of these systems.

Details of the webinar

Energy storage systems, which store renewable energy for later use, often require transportation across oceans due to international manufacturing.

The webinar will address the unique challenges posed by large-scale ESS during marine transport, such as safety and regulatory compliance.

A study by Transport Canada, conducted by the FPRF, will be presented, detailing new insights and recommendations for safe transportation practices and regulatory adherence.

This is crucial for ensuring the safety of ESS in the confined and resource-limited environments of marine vessels.

Support and sponsorship

The 2024 Fire Protection Research Foundation webinar series has garnered support from several key industry stakeholders.

Sponsors include the American Wood Council, AXA XL Risk Consulting, Johnson Controls, Inc., Telgian Engineering and Consulting LLC, and Zurich Resilience Solutions.

Their involvement underscores the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing safety standards in energy storage and transportation sectors.

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