Fire safety measures to be implemented in Kerala’s waste collection centres

waste and recycling centre firefighter

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In a proactive move, the Local Self Government Department (LSGD) of Kerala has announced its decision to install fire safety devices in all Material Collection Facilities (MCFs) throughout the region.

This decision comes in response to recent fire incidents at several waste management facilities in the state.

The commitment to this initiative was confirmed during a significant meeting in Thiruvananthapuram.

LSGD meeting highlights need for fire safety in Kerala

During the high-level meeting, Sarada Muraleedharan, Additional Chief Secretary, LSGD, stated: “LSGD would take immediate steps to address the issue of fire mishaps that occurred recently in some of these facilities.”

The meeting, attended by Joint Directors of the LSGD from all districts and other senior officials, focussed on ensuring that the correct fire safety protocols are established at all MCFs and waste storage facilities.

Muraleedharan also brought up the idea of placing CCTV cameras in MCFs prone to foul play.

Moreover, she urged the District Collectors to intensify 24/7 patrolling by police and other enforcement agencies to enhance surveillance.

Increased waste challenges Kerala facilities

A significant point raised during the meeting was the “Malinya Muktham Nava Keralam” campaign’s impact.

Since its initiation, there’s been a notable surge in the amount of waste directed to the storage facilities.

This growth has emphasised the need for a proportional rise in waste removal frequency to deter its piling up at MCFs.

In line with this, the Clean Kerala Company, responsible for removing garbage from the MCFs, received instructions to guarantee prompt waste clearance, ensuring no excessive waste accumulation at these sites.

IFSJ Comment

The decision by the LSGD of Kerala is a commendable step towards ensuring the safety of its waste management facilities.

The recent fire incidents at several sites highlighted a critical gap in fire safety measures.

Addressing this issue proactively not only safeguards infrastructure but, more crucially, protects the lives of countless individuals working in and around these facilities.

Such actions by authorities set a precedent for other regions to follow, reinforcing the paramount importance of fire safety in all sectors.

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