International Control Room Week highlights the vital role of global teams

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This week of (23-29 October 2023), control rooms worldwide are joining in celebrating the pivotal role they play in emergency responses.

This global initiative aims to bring awareness to the significant efforts of control room teams that manage distressing situations on a daily basis.

A global celebration of emergency control rooms

International Control Room Week encourages control rooms globally to recognise their colleagues and celebrate the impressive work they undertake.

The week is also about spreading the word of these teams’ achievements, acknowledging their collaborations with neighbouring agencies, and bringing a touch of fun to the occasion.

More details about the initiative can be found on their official website.

Sopra Steria champions International Control Room Week

Sopra Steria, the event’s headline sponsor, plays a crucial role in making the not-for-profit International Control Room Week possible.

Recognised for its expertise in consulting, digital services, and software development, Sopra Steria has been assisting clients with digital transformation for over 25 years.

Their product, STORM Command and Control, is a resilient system that aids call handlers in managing emergency incident responses.

This system is utilised by over 70% of UK police forces and several fire and rescue services across the country.

Sopra Steria, boasting 50,000 employees across nearly 30 nations, is an esteemed partner for the week’s celebrations.

Local insights into the vital work of control rooms

In South Wales, the focus of the celebrations is on appreciating the “heroes in headsets” located in Bridgend.

Natalie Pearce, Head of Joint Fire Control at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, commented: “We should all be proud of the work our control staff carry out every day.

“Every emergency incident starts with a call for help to an emergency service control, and help is then quickly dispatched to those in need. We thank them for their dedication and commitment to their role.”

The teams in the region’s 999 control rooms not only handle emergency calls but also offer guidance over the phone, dispatch resources across South and Mid & West Wales, and see incidents through to their conclusion.

Similarly, in North Yorkshire, their control room in Northallerton stands as the backbone of their service.

The team handles both emergency and non-emergency fire service calls and collaborates with various agencies and emergency services.

Known for their calm and professional demeanour during challenging times, they’re essential in swiftly assessing situations and acting accordingly.

IFSJ Comment

Control room reams face immense pressure and challenges every singe day.

These individuals, often behind the scenes, play an instrumental role in handling emergencies, saving lives, and providing critical support to those in distress.

Celebrating their efforts not only brings awareness to their commendable work but also underscores the interconnectedness of global emergency response teams.

As this week draws attention to their tireless dedication, it is a timely reminder of the human touch behind every emergency call and response.

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